Less Data, More Answers!

View Only the Data You Need with dataTaker!

The dataTaker DT80 Collects, Stores and Analyzes Data

CHESTERLAND, OH—November 25, 2015

Are you looking to automate and monitor your process but don’t know which data logger to choose? Many of our callers utilize the dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger as a single solution. Read more at http://dataloggerinc.com/content/news/product_anouncements/968/less_data_more_answers/.

Wireless Modbus Gateway Sends Data to the Cloud!

Wireless Gateway Transmits up to a Mile!

Novus AirGate for Remote Telemetry Applications

CHESTERLAND, OH—November 12, 2015

CAS DataLoggers and Novus Automation offer the flexible wireless Modbus solution–the Novus AirGate-GPRS, a wireless gateway designed for remote access to a Modbus network. CAS DataLoggers offers the quadband AirGate-GPRS–call us today at (800) 956-4437! Read more about these remote data loggers on our Wireless Modbus page.

Soil Moisture Measurement Using SDI-12 Sensors

SDI-12 Data Collection

RTU Performs In-Situ Data Collection

CHESTERLAND, OH—November 9, 2015

Application summary: The Infinite ADU-500 RTU Data Logger can collect weather and soil moisture measurements on a remote site, powered only by a D-size battery. Measurements are transmitted via FTP while alerts are sent via SMS. Read more on our Soil Monitoring Apps Note page.

Startup Process for the Accsense B1-01/B1-06 Wireless Gateway

Accsense Wireless Monitoring

Cloud-Based Monitoring of Almost Any Parameter

CHESTERLAND, OH—November 5, 2015

When users first connect an Accsense B1-06 wireless gateway to the network and power it up, it will go through the following process as it connects to the Acccsense server via the network: http://www.dataloggerinc.com/content/support/technical_articles/accsense_technical_articles/962/startup_process_for_the_accsense_b1-01b1-06_wireless_gateway/

Bluetooth Data Loggers Push Data to Your Mobile Device!

Wireless Monitoring Solutions

Monitor Temp & Humidity, Water Level, CO2, and more

CHESTERLAND, OH—November 4, 2015

Bluetooth Data Loggers with built-in Bluetooth communications allow easy access to your data via standard, short-range wireless links. We provide these wireless loggers at prices starting as low as $135—call us today at (800) 956-4437! See our wide selection of affordable models on our new Bluetooth Solutions page!

M2M Water Tank & Pump Remote Control

M2M Remote Monitoring

Internet-Enabled Remote Data Acquisition

CHESTERLAND, OH—November 2, 2015

In many water systems there are water tanks that act as pressure boosters. Remote dataloggers with automatic communications between tanks and pump houses are necessary to ensure an unmanned system that operates 24/7. Read about these modem dataloggers in our M2M Remote Monitoring Apps Note.

CAS DataLoggers Has Success at Auto Test Expo

Influx for Automotive Data Collection

Influx Vehicle Data Loggers for CANbus Recording

CHESTERLAND, OH—October 29, 2015

This year’s North American Automotive Testing Expo was an exciting show for Influx Technology and distributor CAS DataLoggers, with the company using Day Two to unveil its newly rebranded corporate image and debut its new K-Box datalogger and dash display. Call CAS DataLoggers today at (800) 956-4437 to learn more! Read more about the show in our latest Press Release!

Onset Introduces Bluetooth Water Level Datalogger

Onset Hobo MX series

Onset ™ partnering with CAS DataLoggers are proud to announce the latest advance in wireless datalogger technology. The new MX2001 Bluetooth® Low Energy-enabled Water Level Datalogger is designed for wireless communication with users’ mobile devices. Call a CAS DataLoggers Applications Specialist today at (800) 956-4437! http://www.dataloggerinc.com/content/news/product_anouncements/955/onset_introduces_bluetooth_water_level_datalogger/

CAS DataLoggers & Influx Attending 2015 NA Auto Testing Expo

Solutions for Automotive Applications

Vehicle Data Loggers Record Multiple Parameters

CHESTERLAND, OH—October 6, 2015

CAS DataLoggers and Influx Technology are proud to announce their attendance at this year’s North American Automotive Testing Expo held Oct 20-22nd in Novi, Michigan, just outside Detroit. Come visit us at Stand #12010 to see the latest in vehicle data loggers! Read more on our Tradeshows page at http://www.dataloggerinc.com/content/news/events/952/cas_dataloggers_and_influx_attending_2015_na_auto_testing_expo/.

Influx Offers New All-in-One Vehicle Datalogger

Record Vehicle Data with One Solution!

Rebel CT Records Vehicle Network and Sensor Data

CHESTERLAND, OH—September 30, 2015

CAS DataLoggers and Influx Technology are proud to announce the new Rebel CT vehicle datalogger a vehicle data recorder enabling robust and reliable collection of data from several sources, without any user interaction, for extended periods. Read more about these cost-effective recorders on our Vehicle Datalogger Press Release.