Diagnose Bearing Failure Before it Happens!

Effective Condition Monitoring

Wireless Data Loggers Monitor Bearing Temperature, Vibration and more

CHESTERLAND OH—February 25, 2015

Another unscheduled shutdown—a bearing just failed and suddenly everyone’s on the hook! This scenario plays out every day in factories and plants across the country, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. At CAS DataLoggers we offer wireless monitoring solutions to monitor and analyze bearing temperature and vibration data to warn of developing bearing damage. Learn more about how to save your business time and money in our latest Press Release at http://www.dataloggerinc.com/content/news/press_releases/843/diagnose_bearing_failure_before_it_happens/.

PV Plant Monitoring Using a Data Logger

Next Industries Omnialog

Next Industries Omnialog Data Logger Monitors Several Values

CHESTERLAND OH—February 24, 2015

A customer from abroad inquired with us about a monitoring and datalogging system for a photovoltaic (PV) energy plant. Their request was not only for a device to measure current and voltage, but also to monitor environmental parameters. Read how the Omnialog data logger from Next Industries fufilled all these requirements in our latest Energy Monitoring Apps Note.

T&D Corp. Develops Improved External Power Adapter

Data & Alarms at Your Fingertips

For T&D Wireless Data Loggers

CHESTERLAND OH—February 19, 2015

TandD Corporation has redesigned the RTR-500A1 External Power Adapter with no change to the unit price. Read more about how T&D products can save your business or organization time and money on our Latest News page.

AEMC’s PowerPad III Wins Product of the Year!

AC/DC Data Loggers

Power Quality Analyzer Measures AC and DC
CHESTERLAND OH—February 11, 2015

We’re proud to announce that the popular AEMC PowerPad® III Model 8333 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer  has just been named a 2014 Product of the Year Winner by Utility Products Magazine! With the PowerPad III users can record, analyze, and print their data. Read more about these award-winning products on our Latest News page.

CAS DataLoggers Partners with Next Industries

Flexible Monitoring Solutions

OMNIALog  Monitors Temperature, Current and Voltage

CHESTERLAND OH—February 9, 2015

We’re proud to welcome an exciting new datalogging manufacturer, Next Industries. Next Industries OMNIALog series dataloggers feature universal input channels that can be used with a wide range of input signal types for monitoring and alarm applications. Read more on our latest Press Release page!

How to Enable Standalone External Alarms on the T&D RTR-500NW

Networked and Local Alarms

Activate Local Alarm Capability via Digital Contact

CHESTERLAND OH—February 4, 2015

Normally, the T&D RTR-500NW Ethernet Network Base Station is used for network-based alarming and data retrieval. However, in cases where a network is not available, it can also be used to activate a local alarm in the form of a digital contact. With that in mind our Technical Support department has put together this quick walkthrough. Read more in our latest T&D Tech Article.

New and Improved Power & Energy Loggers from AEMC

AEMC: Always a Great Value

AEMC’s PEL 100 Series Records Locally or Anywhere in the World!

CHESTERLAND OH—January 29, 2015

AEMC and CAS DataLoggers are pleased to announce several upgrades to the popular PEL 100 series Power & Energy loggers. The AEMC PEL 102 (without display) & PEL 103 (with backlit digital display) are low cost single-, dual-, (split-phase) and three-phase (Y, ) power and energy dataloggers. These products are easy to use and ideal for electricians, engineers and contractors. Read more on our latest News Page.

Energy Audits: What Do You Need to Know?

Identify Savings Areas

Measure Current/Voltage and Power/Energy

CHESTERLAND OH—January 27, 2015

By now most of our readers in business and industry know the benefits of conducting an Energy Audit–reducing usage and improving performance. In our latest Energy Measurement Applications Note we’ll cover the basics of how to perform an Electricity Energy Audit using our Accsense Electrocorder range of dataloggers. http://www.dataloggerinc.com/content/applications/energy_measurement/826/energy_audits_what_do_you_need_to_know/

Portable Strain Gauge Data Logger is a Standalone Solution

USB/Ethernet/TTL Communication

Accsense VersaLog Offers Unmatched Value

CHESTERLAND OH—January 26, 2015

CAS DataLoggers introduces the VersaLog BR, a single-channel, battery-powered strain gauge bridge data logger. This model supports 4/6 wheatstone bridges by providing voltage excitation, excitation voltage compensation, and low-level signal amplification. Read more about these devices on our Product Announcement page.

12.1” Touchscreen Display Paperless Recorder

Go Digital with Brainchild!

Real-Time Lab and Process Monitoring–Up to 48 Inputs!

CHESTERLAND OH—January 20, 2015

The new Brainchild PR-30 Paperless Chart Recorder is a cost-effective way to track your data on a high-resolution 12.1″ touchscreen display. Now you can view your lab or industry process in real time. Read more about these advanced chart recorders on our new Product Announcement page.