Motor/Machinery On/Off Data Logging System

The new Madgetech Motor101 system can record the on and off state changes of motors or other equipment. It includes a built-in split core current switch coupled to an event data logger that time stamps each on/off state transition. The Motor101 provides a complete solution to tracking equipment operating times.

Other features of the Motor101 include:

  • Storage for up to 32,767 events
  • Programmable sample rate of 1x second to 12 hours
  • No external power required – Battery powered for up to 1 year
  • 150 mA On trip point, 200 Amps maximum current

The Motor101 is available in 2 versions, the Motor101-C which includes the sensor, logger, software and communication cable and the Motor101-NC which includes just the sensor and logger. Prices for the Motor101 start at less than $200.