New 2 Channel AC TRMS Current Data Loggers

The new Simple Logger® II, Model ML912 is a battery powered, two channel AC current data logger. It offers two user selectable measurement ranges of 0 to 100 Amps and 0 to 1000 Amps. Flexible current transducers make it easy to install the logger on the conductors being measured. To enable TRMS readings, power line cycle tracking is performed such that 64 samples over one line cycle are taken. Frequency tracking is performed over the range of ±2Hz around the nominal line frequency (50 or 60Hz). The ML912 can store up to 240,000 values at user programmable rates of once a day up to eight times per second. A simple LED display provides a quick indication of thestatus and the unit will operate for up to 45 days on 2 AA batteries.

An optical isolated USB port allows for easy set-up and download of stored data with the DataView® software supplied with the logger. Harmonic measurements can also be calculated from the line cycle samples with DataView.

For more information click here for the ML912 Current Data Logger Data Sheet or call us at 1-800-956-4437.