New Wide Range Humidity Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to introduce the new TandD TR-77Ui temperature and humidity data logger which provides an expanded measurement range of -30° to 80°C (-22 to 176°F) and 0-99% RH. It features a fast humidity response time of 20 seconds and the ability to extend the probe up to 10 meters from the data logger.

The TR-77Ui has a built-in USB port to connect with a PC for set-up and data download. It also has a IrDA port for wireless data download. The TR-77Ui also works with the hand held TR-57U data shuttle for data retrieval where it’s not practical to use a PC.

The TR-77Ui has the same great features at the other members of the TR-7x familiy including

  • 16,000 points of internal memory
  • built-in 2 point adjustments
  • Selectable logging rate of once a second to once an hour
  • Up to 1 year operation on a AA battery

Windows software included with the data loggers allows for easy set-up and downloading of data. Once downloaded, the data can be graphed or exported as a text file for use in other applications such as Excel.
To find out more, visit the TR-77Ui Product Page on our web site, or call us at 1-800-956-4437.