CAS Partners with Delphin Technologies for Message Data Loggers

Delphin TechologyWe are very pleased to announce that Computer Aided Solutions (CAS) has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Delphin Technology for the North American market. The Delphin product range includes the Message Data Loggers and ProfiSignal software for industrial and laboratory applications. Delphin Technology, founded in 1980, is a German based, family owned company that develops data logging systems for demanding applications from factory data acquisition to automated test benches or vibration monitoring on gas and hydro turbines.

Delphin TopMessage Data Logger

TopMessage Data Logger

The Message devices from Delphin are very versatile data loggers, serving a wide range of different applications. The flexible, modular design of the system can easily be expanded over time as application requirements increase. The master unit with two I/O modules can be extended via CANBus with up to 10 Slave devices each with two I/O modules allowing a maximum of 1,000 channels. There are 9 different I/O modules including analog input modules with integrated signal conditioning for thermocouples, RTD sensors, mV, mA, analog output modules and digital I/O modules. A built-in Ethernet Interface makes it very easy to integrate the Message devices into an existing company network and to allow data access from various PCs. Two additional serial ports allow Message systems to be easily integrated to other third parties devices.

The Message loggers are supplied with the ProfiSignal software. This is a SCADA system for industrial applications, monitoring, quality assurance, test bench automation, lifecycle testing, vibration monitoring and analysis. The software enables usersem to create their own automated test stand applications. It includes a development environment which allows the user to pick commands from a list box. For evaluation purposes, Yt, XY, orbit, FFT and logic analysis diagrams are provided. The reporting module provides a variety of customizable report with trends, graphs and displays can be created to meet high documentation standards for quality assurance proposed and R&D requirements. For creating automated applications for test stands and automation, the ProfiSignal Klicks software provides an effective solution for the visualization and user-friendly managent of testing procedures.

For more information, visit the Delphin Product Page or call us at 1-800-956-4437. For more information on all of the data logging products we offer including a data logger for just about every application, visit the CAS Dataloggers Web Site.