dEX – The Next Generation in Data Logging Software

We are pleased to announce the release of dEX for the dataTaker DT8x family of data loggers. dEX Is a complete web based software package for configuring, monitoring and retrieving data from these data logging systems. It relies on the internal web server of the data logger to eliminate the need to install any special software on a PC and instead utilize a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for all interaction with the logger. dEX Works equally well for loggers on the desktop connected with USB or in remote locations connected via Ethernet.

The new dEX user interface provides 3 main functions;

dEX Web based data logging software

dEX for the DT8X Family of data loggers

  1. Configure the data logger. This allows the user to define sampling schedules,measurement type and alarm settings. It also allows saving and restoring previously saved configuration either to the logger or the local computer.
  2. Monitor current readings and download data. The monitor function provides real-time displays of measured values in numeric and meter indicators and historical data in graphs. Functions are also available to monitor the logger status and interactively execute commands.
  3. Customize the user interface. Using this menu, the user can customize the look ofthe interface, enable or disable menus, configure security settings and add their own help screens.

The DT8x family of data loggers are among the most powerful data loggers available. All models include universal analog inputs which can measure thermocouples, RTD and thermistor temperature sensors, strain gauges as well as voltage, resistance and current from a wide variety of other sensors and transducers. They also offer digital inputs and outputs,

counters, SDI-12 and serial sensor interfaces. The DT8x data loggers can record up to 10 Million data points in internal memory. A convenient USB memory stick interface facilitates transfer of data and programs for units in the field where a computer is not available.

The DT8x family of data loggers includes 6 models:

  • DT80 – 5-15 analog inputs, serial, USB and Ethernet
  • DT80G – 5-15 analog inputs, support for vibrating wire strain gauges, serial, USB and Ethernet
  • DT81 – 1-3 analog inputs, USB, serial and Ethernet
  • DT82E – 2-6 analog inputs, serial and Ethernet, low power
  • DT85 – 16-48 analog inputs, serial, USB and Ethernet
  • DT80G – 16-48 analog inputs, support for vibrating wire strain gauges, serial, USB and Ethernet

These loggers are used in many different types of applications in manufacturing, R&D, remote site monitoring, testing and environmental monitoring to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, wind speed,  solar radiation and many other parameters. With support for vibrating wire strain gauges, the G models are well suited for civil engineering projects in monitoring tunnels, bridges, dams and other structures.

For more information visit the dataTaker Product Page on our web site or call us at 1-800-956-4437. We also offer data loggers from 1 to over 100 channels from more than a dozen manufactures. Find out more on our web site, CAS Dataloggers.