Updated Data Logging Resource CD

2010 CAS Dataloggers Resource CD

2010 Datalogging Resource CD

The updated CAS 2010 Data Logging Resource CD contains a wealth of

information on selecting and using data loggers including:

  • White papers on selecting a data logger and sensors for common measurements including temperature, voltage and current.
  • A introduction data logging seminar power point presentation.
  • Applications notes covering some of the typical uses of data loggers.
  • Video tutorials on configuring and using dataTaker data loggers
  • Data sheets on Accsense wireless data loggers, Acumen serial data loggers, Brainchild paperless chart recorders, dataTaker universal inputdata loggers, Grant Instruments portable data loggers, Ibexis telemetry systems andTandD data loggers.

To get yours, go to the CD Request Page or call us at 1-800-956-4437. To view all of the data logging products we offer go to the CAS Dataloggers Web Site.