Enhanced Data Logger with GPRS Modem

Ibexis MSP Data Logger

MSP Data Logger

We are pleased to announce the release of an upgraded version of the Ibexis MSP Data Loggers. The MSP is an advanced instrument that incorporates a data logger and cellular modem to provide a rugged, IP65 rated single box solution for remote data collection and reporting. The new Series 4 model incorporates a number of enhancements:

  • Modbus master support
  • 2 Additional RS-232 ports
  • Improved thermocouple support
  • Auto location detection
  • Enhanced alarm notification
  • Asynchronous digital event logging
  • Extended low power operation and flexible power support

The MSP data logger has 5/10 analog input channels, 8 digital I/O channels and up to 4 serial ports.  It can measure voltage, current, resistance, thermocouples, RTD’s and strain gauges. Plug in modules provide up to 6 sensor power supplies in a range of output voltages. A removable SD card allows local storage of up to 100 million data points. The unit also incorporates smart power management with flexible powering options, a 5Ahr rechargeable battery and built in solar regulator.

The MSP transmits data to a centralized Ibexis server via the built-in GPRS modem utilizing reliable and secure protocols. The data can be accessed from with a standard web browser with a set configuration, analysis and reporting applications for both live and historical data. The software tools provide tables, charts, maps, and data export in several different formats. Users can subscribe to SMS and/or email alerts for alarm notification. Enhanced location services in the Series 4 models allow position detection to within 500m using cellular triangulation.

For more information, please refer to the Ibexis MSP Series 4 Data Sheet, or call us at 1-800-956-4437. We also offer a range of data loggers from 1 to over 100 channels from more than a dozen manufacturers on our web site, CAS Dataloggers.