New RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Loggers with Cellular Base Station

CAS Dataloggers is pleased to announce the new RTR-500 family of wireless data loggers from TandD Corporation of Japan. These data loggers give you the ability to monitor temperature and humidity virtually anywhere via a built in GSM/GPRS Cellular Modem in the RTR-500GSM base station.  The individual loggers communicate with the base station via a high speed short range 900 MHz wireless network. Then, data and alarms are automatically sent from the base station via email or ftp via the standard cell phone network.

The RTR-500 family currently includes:

  • RTR-500 USB Base Station/Repeater
  • RTR-500GSM Base Station with GSM/GPRS modem
  • RTR-501 Temperature Data Logger with internal sensor
  • RTR-502 Temperature Data Logger with external sensor
  • RTR-503 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

They offer improved performance over the current RTR-5 series including increased short range wireless range (up to 500 feet), faster download speed and longer battery life, (up to 4 years in the high capacity models).

The new RTR-500GSM Cellular Base Station is the heart of the system. It can automatically download data from up to 20 individual data loggers. The base station also provides real-time monitoring of the data loggers for alarm conditions and can then send the alarm notification via email or SMS. The RTR-500GSM can be powered from an external 8-34 VDC source and features an internal battery backup. It also provides a set of alarm contacts for local notification. An optional GPS can be attached to the RTR-500GSM for location tracking. A new software set-up wizard simplifies the GSM network configuration of the base station.

The RTR-500 family is ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity in locations where LAN connections are not available or practical such as trucks transporting perishable goods, remote storage or warehouse locations and environmental monitoring.

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