New Wireless Air Quality Transmitter

eltek GD47 air quality transmitter for GEN II data logging systems

GD47 Air Quality Transmitter

The Eltek GD47 is a self contained transmitter for air quality measurements. It collects temperature, humidity and CO2 measurements and sends them wirelessly to a receiver for storage, display and alarming. The GD47 has an LCD to provide local real-time display of measured values. It uses a self calibration NDIR (infrared) sensor for accurate CO2 measurements in the range of 0-5000 ppm. The GD47 is powered by an external 12V supply with an internal NiMH back-up battery that can provide up to 100 hours of operation. The GD47 is one of more than two dozen models of transmitters with versions for temperature, humidity, voltage, current, state/pulse, light and air pressure.

Measured data is transmitted via a proprietary wireless link to one of several receivers:

  • RX250AL – Wireless receiver with local storage for up to 250,000 readings and alarm output
  • RC250 – Wireless receiver with serial data output for connection to a computer
  • WSR – Wireless receiver with analog output

Depending on the transmitter frequency and environment, the typical wireless range can be several hundred feet to almost a mile. Repeaters are available to extend the range.

For more information, visit the Eltek Product Page on our web site or call us at 800-956-4437. For more information on data logging products from more than a dozen manufacturers go to the CAS Dataloggers Web Site.