New RTR-574 Wireless Temp/RH/Light/UV Data Logger

The new RTR-574 from TandD can simultaneously measure and record Illuminance, Ultraviolet Light Level (UV), Temperature and Humidity. In addition to these, the RTR-574 is also capable of displaying Cumulative Illuminance and Cumulative UV on the LCD display. The product is an all-in-one package that includes the data logger unit, sensors and software. A wireless interface allows data and alarms to be uploaded via any of the RTR-500 Series Data Collectors which are available in USB, Ethernet and GSM cellular models.

Other features include:

TandD RTR-574 Temp/RH/Light/UV Data Logger


* Luminosity range of 0 -130k lx

* UV range of 0 – 30 mw/cm2

* Internal exposure accumulation
* Cosine corrected readings
* Temperature measuring range: -0°C to 55°C
* Humidity measuring range: 10% to 95% RH
* 8,000 point/channel memory

The RTR-574 is very useful in a range of applications where measuring and recording incident visible and UV radiation is important including art museums and other exhibit forums to manage illuminosity and help prevent deterioration of exhibits, management during all aspects of plant and food production, development, testing, manufacture and sales of products for cutting UV ray exposure, UV reduction in schools and universities, management of luminosity and UV rays in homes and offices and management in the production, storage and sales of foodstuffs and beverages.

For more information please click here for the RTR-574 Product Page or call us at 800-956-4437. For more information on over 100 data logging systems for all types of applications, please visit the CAS Dataloggers web site.