Vibration Recorder and Analysis System

Vibration monitoring of manufacturing equipment is becoming more important as demands on machine up-time increase and quick breakdown response times are required. The AMDT Module, for the TopMessage Data Logging/Data Acquisition System monitors and analyzes bearing, shaft and casing vibrations in plants and machinery. The system can be equipped with up to 16 parallel, synchronous, 20 kHz sampling analog inputs as well digital inputs for speed and phase acquisition. Vibration data can be monitored and displayed as FFT analyses, on-line in real-time, and be saved in a measurement data database. When combined with the digital output capabilities of the TopMessage, local alarms allow immediate shut down if preset limits are exceeded to reduce the potential for equipment damage.

Delphin TopMessage Data Logging/Data Acquisition System

Delphin TopMessage

Off-line evaluation of historical data is available at any time. Set points are also provided such as main frequency, peak-to-peak and smax as well as frequency band or envelope analysis. The ProfiSignal software Vibro option enables easy evaluation at a PC at any time with FFT, cascade, orbit and time signal diagrams. An alarm module provides a reliable and secure fault notification system via email or SMS message.

A clear benefit of the system is its ability to obtain long term information on the state of plant equipment and machinery. Measurement data is regularly downloaded and automatically evaluated. The TopMessageā€™s internal data logger guarantees independent and uninterrupted data recording of up to 128 million characteristic values, process values or FFT analyses.

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