New Network Data Collectors for TanddD Wireless Data Loggers

We are pleased to announce the release of the new RTR-500W Network Base

Station for the TandD RTR-500 Series of wireless data loggers. These new data collectors are used to gather data and alarms from multiple data loggers via a proprietary wireless interface and then relay it to a Ethernet based LAN. The data collectors are available in 2 models, the RTR-500NW with a 100BaseT Ethernet interface and the RTR-500AW with an 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi interface.

Both models can be programmed to periodically download data from up to 100

RTR-500NW Network Data Collector


wireless data loggers and upload the data to a server via FTP “push” or send data as an email attachment. The RTR-500W’s can be used with TandD’s free WebStorage Service to automatically upload data to a secure, hosted server where it can be accessed from any web browser. The RTR-500W can also capture alarm conditions from the loggers and email notifications to one or more recipients. A local alarm input and output is available for interfacing with other equipment such as building alarm or security systems. The data collectors are provided with the RTR-500W for Windows software for configuring the data loggers, managing data and charting downloaded data.

The RTR-500NW and RTR-500AW are compatible with all of the RTR-500 Series wireless data loggers including:

  • RTR-501/501L with an internal temperature sensor
  • RTR-502/502L with an external temperature probe
  • RTR-503/503L with an external temperature and humidity probe
  • RTR-574 with temperature, humidity, light and UV sensors

The RTR-500 data loggers offer a wireless range of up to 150 meters, local storage for 16,000 readings, operation for up to 4 years on a single battery (L versions) and a rugged waterproof case (501/502/503).

The RTR-500 wireless data logging system is suitable for many types of applications that require unattended data recording, real-time monitoring and alarming such as:

  • Environmental monitoring in museums and exhibition galleries
  • Warehouse monitoring
  • Gathering data in food and beverage production, packaging and warehouse areas
  • Managing luminosity and UV exposure in schools, offices, stores, greenhouses and recreation areas.
  • Monitoring refrigerators, freezers and cold storage areas

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