EPA COMPLIANCE REQUIRED: Monitoring Diesel Generator Emissions

Diesel generators are utilized as backup power for a large book retailer in their warehouse. The retailer must assure the generators are constantly operational. They must also maintain data for the EPA to document that the exhaust temperature is in compliance with emission regulations.

EPA regulations state that the exhaust must meet and not exceed a specified level of pollutants during operations while maintaining a pre-determined temperature range. If all EPA requirements are not adhered to properly, the retailer could be penalized with heavy fines. In addition, the diesel engines could be subject to serious damage.

The generators were fitted with an emission reduction system in order to be in compliance with EPA standards resulting in accurate and dependable reporting procedures.

CAS DataLoggers provided the dataTaker DT80 data logger to monitor and record the temperature and pollutant levels of the generators. The data logger was configured to power on and it began recording data upon receiving a pulse to a digital input from the generator at power-up. The DT80 recorded temperature measurements every second while computing the minimum and maximum value from 300 data points at 5 minute intervals. This type of data recording allowed a consistent trend when viewing the data and reduced the data storage requirements while still providing the necessary data for the EPA. The dataTaker firmware and software allows a high degree of statistic capabilities.

Once the signal was terminated, the DT80 data logger stopped recording and went into a low power sleep mode. The data was then retrieved from the DT80 via a USB stick for later analysis and archiving.

For further solutions for data logging and monitoring of diesel generators or other similar applications, contact a CAS DataLogger Solution Analyst for application specific designs. Pricing will be based on individual application needs and required results.