LINKED IN: Social Media & Data Loggers? What's the Connection?

Data acquisition, paperless recorders, data loggers and LinkedIn… CAS DataLoggers has created the connection through social media. As technology changes so does the communication links in business. Laszlo Zala, Managing Director of CAS, reiterates “while data logging and monitoring has its’ unique market functions, it has become critical to not only keep up with the technology of the monitoring equipment but also in providing value added information on an immediate basis.”“If one customer has the question then there are others in need of the same information and with LinkedIn we have created an open discussion group that allows users to ask questions and get direct responses,” Zala stated.

LinkedIn has become a valuable resource for information in every industry and serves millions of people worldwide. CAS has increased their playing field in the data recording world and opened a discussion group for posting of information such as new and updated product releases as well as company happenings and events. To find out more about CAS and the LinkedIn data logging group contact their Solution Specialists at (800) 956-4437 or explore our website at