Pest Control, Bed Bugs & Temperature Monitoring? Remote Monitoring Ensures Proper Temperature Management

Recently the concern of Cimex Letularius “Bed Bugs” has been on the rise. Exterminators and pest control companies continue to battle the dilemma of monitoring the temperature during the extermination process. CAS DataLoggers has been on the forefront by offering temperature monitoring equipment that validates the extermination temperature was reached and held per specification.


For the heat treatment process to be effective, a room must be heated to between 131°F and 150°F for 30 to 50 minutes. The room must be sealed off to ensure heat does not escape during the heat treatment and disrupt the process. It is critical not to exceed the necessary time to accomplish the task or raising the temperature too quickly nor over-heating the room. CAS recommended a solution with remote monitoring and data logging.


Together the RTR-501 Data Logger and the RTR-500 Base Station allow the user to monitor and record temperature data remotely. Users are able to view live information immediately upon complete installation of the RTR 501 and RTR-500 data logging system. Once connected, alarms can be set to warn the user of the room’s temperature if it exceeds a minimum or maximum value sending out text messages, emails and on screen alerts.

For further solutions for temperature monitoring, contact CAS DataLogger Solution Analysts for application specific designs. Pricing will be based on individual application needs and required results.