Wireless Temperature Recorder… Critical for Solar Panel Monitoring

Accsence Wireless Temperature Recorder

Quality Installation & Continuous Performance Monitoring

Solar Energy has become one of the main sources of renewable energy. Creating your own reliable source of power may definitely outweigh other resources; however, the critical element of installation and continuous performance has a major effect on the overall benefits of Solar Energy. CAS DataLoggers has configured wireless temperature recorder systems incorporating sensor pods to monitor data from multiple solar power facilities simultaneously.

Continuous monitoring of solar panel installations to detect interruption or suspension of usual activity throughout various locations can reduce disruptions in solar energy production. The Accsense monitoring system can be an invaluable tool in managing solar facilities and the devices they power. The wide range of inputs offered by the Accsense system and the ability to spread out the sensing point with the Accsense’s wireless mesh technology allows customers to tailor solutions to their exact requirements.

The incorporation of the Accsense A1-01a, A1-10, A1-02b and A1-08 Sensor Pods allow measurements of power production, isolation and temperature. Sunlight level, current, voltage, panel temperature, generator duty cycle, and other parameters can be measured, viewed remotely and alarms activated if necessary.

Temperature of the solar panels can be monitored by solar data loggers at multiple points to develop a map of the temperature across the panel.  Up to six points at distances of up to 40 feet can be covered with a single Sensor Pod. Generator noise and vibration can be monitored to determine the duty cycle of the generator, as well as the condition of the starter battery.

The Accsense Internet Gateway can be connected to a cell phone or GPRS modem for remote communication. Data can then be exported to an Excel file if required for more sophisticated analysis, such as integration under the curve. The data monitored can be viewed from any PC via internet connection. The end user is able to evaluate the data parameters being monitored instantaneously. The data monitor system has the ability to transfer alarms via text and voice message so potential failures can be identified immediately.

The Accsense A1-01a General Purpose Sensor Pod is designed for general measurements. It provides several different internal sensors, as well as a screw terminal connector for connecting to a wide range of external analog sensors. The pod also includes a +5Vdc output to power external sensors. In the event no gateway can be reached, individual pods will store up to 255 data points, until a connection is restored. Pods have a range of approximately 80m (250ft), and can also act as a repeater for other’s signals.

The Accsense A1-08 Multi-Thermistor Pod is specifically designed to hook up to six Thermistors and the A1-10 Multi-4-20mA Pod is specifically designed to hook up to six  4-20mA inputs. This allows an increase in the number of sensors per pod, and reduces the cost per measurement. This model also features two digital inputs and is designed to be connected to a wide range of digital sensors.

The Accsense A1-02b Temperature Sensor Pod is designed for measuring temperature at a remote site. Right out of the box, it will measure the ambient temperature. Additionally, the screw terminal connector can be used for hooking up a high accuracy RTD or Thermistor temperature sensor. A separate miniature TC connector allows the addition of a Type K thermocouple for cryogenic temperature measurements.

For further solutions for solar panel monitoring, contact CAS DataLogger Solution Analysts for application specific designs. Pricing will be based on individual application needs and required results.