DRYING SILOS OF SEED CORN Temperature Recording & Monitoring Required


Producing quality seed corn takes much more than planting and harvesting. Agricultural producers understand how the time and temperature during the drying cycle of seed corn affects product quality and energy consumption. After analyzing a specific application, CAS Data Logger specialists recommended the Accsense Monitoring System which included the B1-06 Gateway and the A1-13 Sensor Pod for temperature monitoring and data recording.

 Consequences of insufficiently drying the seed include, molding of seed and wasted energy. Much of the cycle requires time-temperature graphs to optimize the drying operations. The Accsense Monitoring System allows data recording and alarming if the temperature falls below or exceeds the temperature limits required to produce a quality product.

Data logging and monitoring with the Accsense Monitoring System allows the customer to monitor multiple silos concurrently. It also allows drying operators the ability to access data from any web browser at any time eliminating undue stress. Because this operation is seasonal, the equipment has a longer life span as long as it is maintained in a protected environment against weather elements.

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