CAS Announces New Website Redesign

New Interface and Organization Is Even More User-Friendly
CHESTERLAND OH—July 28, 2011

CAS DataLoggers has recently completed its new website redesign, featuring an improved main page interface, tighter organization, and greater ease of use. The main page’s new look puts a strong emphasis on accessibility, organized by manufacturer for quicker navigation and featuring a ribbon-style setup listing the major pages. Additionally, new tabs and dropdowns have been added to quickly guide viewers to the data logging products and the technical information they need for all their application-specific projects.

The CAS site’s many product pages also benefit from this clearer organization with the addition of labels listing data logger product overviews and a Useful Links section including product-specific product comparisons, downloads, videos, and more. The new tab structure arranges information by Description, Software, Accessories, and Specifications. A link to each product’s spec sheet is also included.

The main page now features the new Find a Data Logger dropdown at the top right of the screen, letting users search by application to uncover a wide range of available solutions. A Featured Products section in the middle of the main page spotlights a new product every week and lists specifications along with a link to more information. These features combine to give viewers a wider variety of data logging and data acquisition products to consider for their applications.

Users can find applications notes on the products they need even more quickly now, arranged by not only manufacturer but also measurement type and application type for easy cataloging. Users are also invited to check out the Online Store as well as bargain-hunt for eBay Specials under the Purchase section. The new site also includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integration so users can stay appraised of exciting new data logging products and announcements.

For further information on featured product lines, price listings, post sales support, or any other information, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Analyst at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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