CAS Annouces New Influx Rebel xt Data Logger

Powerful Data Logger For Vehicle Test Applications

CHESTERLAND OH—August 9, 2011

CAS DataLoggers has teamed up with Influx Technology to introduce the new Rebel xt, a high-speed vehicle data logger which can capture OBD, CAN, analog and GPS signals. The Rebel xt offers flexible and powerful data logging with easy to use software that supports industry standard protocols to allow users to start recording data in just minutes. With free analysis software and remote data accessibility, the Rebel xt is the ideal solution for vehicle and engine monitoring applications including vehicle field tests, engineering data acquisition, and CAN bus data recording.

The Influx Rebel xt can collect data from several sources for long periods of time without requiring any user interaction. The data logger setup is equally easy with no need to write complex scripts. With 3x(opto-isolated) CAN communications channels, the Rebel xt allows data to be collected from the OBD port using ISO14229 and ISO15765 protocols and also features support for K-Line and LIN 1.2 protocols. The Rebel xt also features an LCD Display, keypad and 8 LED’s, internal and external SD memory storage of 2GB (each), multiple trigger sources, and an option for remote link via a GPRS cellular modem and optional GPS for location tracking.

Users running vehicle tests and needing additional engine data alongside their instrumentation will find the Rebel xt a useful tool, as the data logger can acquire most of the additional data without the need for additional instrumentation. For OEM engineering data acquisition using CCP and xCP protocols, the Rebel xt supports high-speed sampling rates to acquire internal ECU parameters. For CAN bus data logging applications, CAN signals can be recorded in a ‘listen only’ mode.

Every Rebel xt data logger comes supplied with free DiaLog software for configuring the data acquisition and analyzing data, all in one intuitive package. DiaLog offers configuration via Bluetooth or USB and imports industry standard ASAM A2L files, ODX and CAN dbc formats. Users can construct complex data logging configurations using the simple graphical interface, which also reconfigures and retrieves data by direct and remote connections. The Rebel xt data logger can also be configured to acquire, store and export files for distribution. This user-friendly software also enables in-field firmware upgrades and features DataVue, an integrated professional data analysis tool allowing for advanced visual data analysis with the use of sophisticated graphing tools. DataVue allows data to be exported in standard formats including MDF, Matlab and CSV.

Add-on optional functions include an integrated GPS, an additional mini SD card, and integrated GPRS modem with EDGE technology to allow remote access. Also available is an instrumentation module and expansion box providing electrically isolated analog instrumentation and temperature measurement via K-type thermocouple inputs. Users can utilize for complex triggering capability, enabling up to 30 conditions and triggers, with multiple logic commands and an external manual trigger option. Check out the Rebel xt product page here.

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