New Full-Time Technical Writer on Staff at CAS

Releasing News on Data Loggers and Data Acquisition

CHESTERLAND OH—August 4, 2011

CAS DataLoggers has recently placed a full-time technical writer on staff to produce new product announcements, applications notes, and breaking news releases. Stew Thompson comes to CAS after contributing articles over the last four months covering topics ranging from cold chain and environmental monitoring all the way to custom-made buoy installations designed for the Greek government. He’ll also be managing the CAS monthly newsletter as well as the three CAS blogs featuring the state of the art in temperature monitoring, data logging, and data acquisition.

“CAS is a dynamic company that’s really committed to its customers,” explained Mr. Thompson. “We stay on top of the latest products to find the best solutions for customers’ specific applications, and then use our newly-redesigned website and publishing resources to put them at the forefront of the market.” CAS also provides value-added services in the form of post-sales support, customization and configuration to help customers get started with their projects right out of the box.

The new staff at CAS continues to grow following the completion of the office expansion in May to better accommodate the increasing demand for its inventory of bestselling data logging systems.

For further information on new data logging and acquisition products, help in finding the ideal device for specific applications, offers of post-sales support services, or any other question, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Analyst at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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