CAS Introduces New Signal Conditioning and Digital Transmitter

Novus DigiRail Smart Transmitter Featuring Modbus RTU Communication

CHESTERLAND OH—December 6, 2011

CAS DataLoggers has partnered with high-quality manufacturer Novus Automation to introduce the DigiRail line of smart transmitters designed for signal conditioning and digital transmission. The new DigiRail I/O modules provide a simple, convenient, and inexpensive way for integrating digital and analog signals into supervisory systems via RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol. Featuring up to two universal input analog signal channels, these devices are the most economical way to deliver analog inputs to PLCs and SCADA systems, offering considerable flexibility with customers’ applications.

The DigiRail line of smart transmitters consists of 3 models, according to their input or output types: DigiRail-1A and DigiRail-2A, with 1 or 2 universal analog inputs respectively; DigiRail-4C, with 4 digital counters; and DigiRail-2R, with 2 timer relay outputs. The Novus DigiRail offers RS485 (2-wire) Modbus RTU communication with configurable address and baud rate (1,200 to 115,200bps). Analog inputs are programmable for many thermocouple types (J, K, T, E, N, R, S, B), Pt100, mV, V, and mA. Accuracy (at 25°C/77°F) is ±0.25% FS ±1°C for thermocouples and ±0.15% FS for Pt100, mV, V and mA. Sampling rate for 1 analog input is 10Hz for mV, V and mA, and 5Hz for type T thermocouples and Pt100. Temperature effect is 0.003% of full scale/°.

This smart transmitter’s analog inputs feature 17-bit analog input resolution with a user-defined linearization option. The DigiRail’s input signals are isolated from power, thus protecting the electrical instruments by eliminating ground loop effects and substantially reducing the undesirable interferences and instabilities in sensor measurements. Open loop detection is also provided for thermocouples, Pt100 and mV, and cold junction compensation for thermocouples and for Pt100 3-wire cables. Sensor break detection is supported for thermocouples and RTDs, while isolation is 1000 Vac/1 min from digital or analog input to power or the communications port.

This 71 x 77 x 19mm device operates on 10 to 35 Vdc power with a 50mA maximum current and includes a 35mm DIN rail mounting. The DigiRail features LED indicators for communication and status and a key for resetting communication parameters to original factory default. The device operates at a working temperature of 0° to 70°C (32° to 158°F).

Additionally, the DigiRail can be easily configured and calibrated via the digital interface by using the Windows based DigiConfig software configurator included FREE with the device. The DigiConfig software allows for configuration of all DigiRail features as well as complete calibration and diagnosis, automatically detecting active devices in the Modbus network and permitting configuration of all parameters.
Novus is a certified manufacturer of electronic instruments including process indicators, temperature controllers, data loggers and transducers for temperature, humidity and pressure. These versatile, powerful and cost-effective industrial dataloggers, expansion modules, and wireless communication accessories handle analog and digital signals with high resolution and speed. With a network of 34 representatives and distributors in 56 countries, Novus serves more than 14,000 customers around the world.

Check out the Novus DigiRail product page here.

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