Optimizing Production at a Mining Quarry

Versatile DT80 Intelligent Datalogger from dataTaker
CHESTERLAND OH—February 27, 2012

CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the datalogging solution for a major international building supplies provider experiencing regular downtime in one of their mining quarries. Raw materials were constantly moved around the facility using conveyor belts throughout the quarry, and evidence of a problem had surfaced when significant discrepancies between the manually-reported stoppages and the throughput began appearing. To clarify this issue and to identify the cause of these discrepancies, an automated monitoring solution was required to monitor the conveyors’ 4-20mA current loop on their belt scales to enable instant rate monitoring and view total tons of material moved per shift so that the actual stoppages could be identified against the manually reported stoppages to find exactly where and how the discrepancies occurred. Read the entire article on our applications note page.