Connecting and Scaling a 4-20ma Signal to an Accsense A1-10 Pod

Accsense Wireless Current Data Loggers
CHESTERLAND OH—March 29, 2012

Accsense A1-10 Wireless Current Data LoggersMany CAS DataLoggers customers utilize Accsense A1-10 Wireless Current Data Loggers to record and monitor current in critical applications such as healthcare, health sciences, and research and manufacturing. This wireless data logger pod is specifically designed to hook up to multiple 4-20mA inputs (6 total), allowing an increase in the number of sensors per pod and reducing the user’s cost per measurement. This brief technical guide will take users through the quick steps needed to connect and properly scale 4-20ma signals to these Accsense datalogging pods. Read the entire article on our Accsense tech article page.