CAS DataLoggers Offers Low-Power dataTaker Products

Flexible Solutions Now Featuring Switchable 5-Volt Excitation
CHESTERLAND OH—April 9, 2012

dataTaker Series 3 Intelligent Universal Data LoggersCustomers in industrial fields and other applications where low-power operation is a priority are always searching for an ideal device to limit power consumption. Now CAS DataLoggers has partnered with bestselling manufacturer dataTaker to offer customers the new dataTaker Series 3 Intelligent Universal Data Loggers which now have a switchable 5-volt excitation feature to power sensors. This feature provides up to 25 milliamps to power a wide range of analog sensors including pressure transducers, GPS, flowmeters, pulse, and many more. Users can switch this option on and off with a simple command to preserve power, for example when operating their data loggers on batteries. Read the entire article on our product announcement page.