Electrocorder Data Loggers

Recording Closed-Loop Control System Cycles for HVAC Savings

Identify Opportunities to Save Energy with a Data Logger
CHESTERLAND OH—April 9, 2014

As an example of the savings data loggers can identify, CAS DataLoggers recently supplied an Accsense Electrocorder data logger to monitor a customer’s thermostatically oil-fired central heating system for their office building over a period of 6 months. Check out the surprising results on our Equipment Monitoring Apps Notes page.

CAS DataLoggers is Attending CSIA 2014

Powerful Data Acquisition Solutions on Display
CHESTERLAND OH—April 7, 2014

CAS DataLoggers is exhibiting again this year at the Control System Integrators Assosciation (CSIA) 2014 Executive Conference in the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California. We supply resellers and customers with real-time DAQ systems from ADwin and Delphin, the new dataTaker Series 3 intelligent dataloggers, and our own Accsense VersaLog and Accsense Electrocorder product lines. For more show details visit our Events page.

Troubleshooting UPS Alarm Events Using a Voltage Data Logger

Accsense Electrocorder Saves Local Business Time and Money
CHESTERLAND OH—March 20, 2014

In an ongoing ‘stumper’ troubleshooting application, CAS DataLoggers has provided the Accsense Electrocorder voltage datalogging solution for Osage Energies, a Generac Full-Service Dealer based in Vermilion County, Illinois. Osage Energies installs and services emergency power generators to backup air-cool residential/commercial HVAC systems and also supplies UPS batteries and custom control design. Read more in our latest Energy Measuring Applications Note.

Accsense Electrocorder Introduces New Range-Selectable Models

Dual-Range Electrical Data Loggers Expand Users’ Applications

CHESTERLAND OH—March 5, 2014

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that we’ve added new range-selectable Accsense Electrocorder models to expand their flexibility and application uses. Two of these models are already available, with a third shipping soon. The beauty of these new dual-range recorders is that just one datalogger and one set of coils offers customers a vast current range and great versatility when it comes to doing a wide range of electrical work. Read more on our new Product Announcements page.

Qualify YOUR School for Energy Grants and Rebates!

Cut Costs With Energy Grants, Rebates and Cost Savings

February 10, 2014

Homes, businesses and schools across America are now taking advantage of new federal and state solar energy grants, rebates and tax credits to lower their energy costs. A datalogger can enable your school to perform its own energy audit to help qualify for a green energy grant, rebate program, or to find savings areas on your existing installations. Call CAS DataLoggers today and find out how your school can use our Accsense Electrocorder products to find these savings areas! Read more about this new technology on our Press Release page.

You Might Need a Data Logger If:

Continual Monitoring and Alarming Products for Any Application

Continual Monitoring and Alarming Products for Any Application

Have you lost valuable inventory after your fridge or freezer failed? Do you need a way to prove your product temperatures stayed safe in storage or transit, but you need it NOW? You might recognize YOUR company or organization as CAS DataLoggers presents 10 reasons you MIGHT need a data logger:

CAS DataLoggers Helps a NY Racetrack Cut Energy Costs

Affordable Power Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers has just provided the data logging solution for Anthony Flynn, Building Systems Engineer with Huston Engineering. Huston’s customer is the New York Racing Association of Saratoga who contracted them to source accurate yet cost-effective datalogging equipment. “We found CAS DataLoggers online. The main advantage for us was that your Electrocorder kits were available immediately–that was a necessity for us, and we got them shortly after our order. The price was well within range for all the equipment we wanted.” Read more on our Energy Measurement Applications Notes page.

Qualify for a Green Energy Rebate with Our Solar Data Loggers!

Solar Energy Data Loggers

Solar Energy Data Loggers

Homes, businesses and schools across the nation are taking advantage of new federal and state solar energy rebates and tax credits to cut their energy costs. Dataloggers are the ideal way to record your solar system’s wattage capacity and compare it against what was promised. Now CAS DataLoggers and Electrocorder have the solution for these green energy applications—our new Solar Data Loggers. Read more on our Energy Applications Notes page.

New Expanded Measurement Range for DC Voltage/Current Data Loggers

Electrocorder DC Current and Voltage Loggers

Electrocorder DC Current and Voltage Loggers

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that our Electrocorder Two-Channel DC Voltage and Current Dataloggers are now available in expanded measurement versions. In addition to our model monitoring DC current at +/-10A or +/-100A, new versions are available with current sensors measuring at +/-30A/300A or at +/-100A/1kA. This makes these dataloggers even more flexible. Read more on our News Items page.

Electrocorder Offers New Lifetime Product Warranty

Electrocorder Data Logger kits

Electrocorder Data Logger kits

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that effective immediately, all new Electrocorder data loggers we sell are eligible for a new Lifetime Warranty. The warranty guarantees that each Electrocorder will be free from defects in material and workmanship for its lifetime. Our Electrocorder industrial voltage & current data loggers monitor several different parameters including power/energy, voltage, current, and more. Read the full release on our General News page.