Why Run Wires? New Wireless Receiver Collects Your Data!

Mix and Match Eltek Gen II Data Loggers for a Custom Monitoring System
CHESTERLAND OH—July 22, 2014

Need to run wires to monitor your electrical equipment but don’t want the cost or the hassle? Now CAS DataLoggers offers the Gen II RC250 Telemetry Receiver System from Eltek for customers in the pharmaceutical sector (where 21 CFR Part 11 compliance is required) and in the industrial, construction, storage, research and conservation industries. Read more about Eltek’s Gen II Data Loggers on our Product Announcement page.

Wireless Environmental Monitoring in a Museum

Eltek Wireless Data Logging System Covers All Points

Eltek has supplied the next-generation wireless monitoring system for the interior of a prestigious museum located in Cambridge, England to ensure that the exhibits are in a controlled and non-damaging environment. Therefore museum curators needed a flexible monitoring system with a broad range of data logger capabilities. Read more in our Environmental Monitoring Applications Notes page.