Infinite Data Loggers

Environmental RTU Datalogger is Ultra Low-Power Solution

New ADU-500 Autonomous RTU Datalogger from Infinite

CHESTERLAND, OH—March 3, 2016

Weather and water monitoring applications greatly benefit from the convenience of RTU devices. Now Infinite introduces the new ADU-500 Autonomous RTU Datalogger which supports periodic data transmission via SDI-12 sensor connection. Read more about these cellular solutions on our Product Announcements page.

Soil Moisture Measurement Using SDI-12 Sensors

RTU Performs In-Situ Data Collection

CHESTERLAND, OH—November 9, 2015

Application summary: The Infinite ADU-500 RTU Data Logger can collect weather and soil moisture measurements on a remote site, powered only by a D-size battery. Measurements are transmitted via FTP while alerts are sent via SMS. Read more on our Soil Monitoring Apps Note page.

M2M Water Tank & Pump Remote Control

Internet-Enabled Remote Data Acquisition

CHESTERLAND, OH—November 2, 2015

In many water systems there are water tanks that act as pressure boosters. Remote dataloggers with automatic communications between tanks and pump houses are necessary to ensure an unmanned system that operates 24/7. Read about these modem dataloggers in our M2M Remote Monitoring Apps Note.

New GSM Controller for SMS Alarming and Remote Control

Remote Monitoring and Alarming From Your Smartphone
CHESTERLAND OH—April 22, 2013

ARC-10 Alarming and Remote Control Unit

ARC-10 Alarming and Remote Control Unit

CAS DataLoggers
and Infinite introduce the new ARC-10 GSM controller, an easy to use datalogger using SMS for long-distance applications. The rail mount unit incorporates a Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM/GPRS modem, 2 digital inputs, 2 power relay outputs and a serial RS-232 port. Up to 500 users can be configured to switch a relay output with a toll-free phone call (e.g. for opening a garage door or a gate barrier). Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Introduces New CDMA RTU for Remote Monitoring

Data Logger Telemetry System Monitors and Alarms Where GSM Isn’t Available
CHESTERLAND OH—February 12, 2013

Remote Monitoring, Control and Alarming

Remote Monitoring, Control and Alarming

CAS DataLoggers
and Infinite introduce the new ADU-500L CDMA Remote Telemetry System. This autonomous RTU performs remote monitoring to applications where GSM isn’t available. This new version supports CDMA technology allowing several transmitters to send their information simultaneously over a single communication channel. Featuring SMS text messaging alarming, this CDMA system is ideal for remote monitoring and control of functions and instrumentation for water management, oil and gas distribution, and more. Read more about this exciting new product on our Product Announcement page.

CAS DataLoggers Featured in U.S. Tech magazine

CAS DataLoggers is featured in the latest issue of U.S. Tech magazine, in an article titled “Remote Alarming for Power Grids.” Featuring Infinite’s BSC-50 remote alarming systems and the SCOM-100 GSM/GPRS controller, the piece describes a successful application of this monitoring and alarming technology for a customer operating a utility company. The CAS DataLoggers article is featured on pages 55 and 62. Read the entire article online in U.S. Tech’s digital edition.