AC Voltage / Current Data Logger

Three-Phase Data Logger Kits for Energy Monitoring

Monitor Current, Voltage and Power with Accsense Electrocorder

CHESTERLAND OH—July 15, 2015

Are you or your customers working in energy monitoring applications? Our Accsense Electrocorder dataloggers are electrical logging devices monitoring power/energy, current/voltage, power quality and more. Call us at (800) 956-4437 to learn more!

CAS DataLoggers Offers Three-Phase Monitoring Solutions

Power & Energy Data Loggers for Many Applications

CHESTERLAND OH—March 31, 2015

We offer high-quality test gear for many different three-phase monitoring applications such as machine monitoring, energy audits and assessments, recording electrical data from panels and circuit testing, and more. Read about our own Accense Electrocorder products and AEMC PEL data loggers on our new Three-Phase Monitoring page.

Paragon Robotics Introduces New Super-Gateways

Cost-Effective Cloud Products

CHESTERLAND OH—March 24, 2015

Paragon Robotics is proud to announce its all-new Super Gateways featuring Modbus, WiFi and Cellular communication. These gateways measure a wide range of HVAC and environmental values. Read more about the new Super Gateway models at

Measuring Voltage and Current Using a Data Logger

How to Record Accurate AC and DC Current and Voltage Measurements

CHESTERLAND OH—December 29, 2014

A common data logging application is measuring voltage or current flowing into or out of a piece of equipment. These measurements can be broadly classified into two groups: AC and DC.  We’ve put together a brief guide covering the basics of voltage and current measurement in our latest White Paper at

NEW Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer Travels Anywhere

Need to troubleshoot machinery or power distribution panels? CAS DataLoggers and AEMC introduce the new PowerPad® III Model 8333, an easy-to-use, compact and shock-resistant three-phase power quality analyzer. These new data loggers enable diagnostics and power quality work on single- or three-phase networks. Read more on our new Product Announcement page.

How Your Plant Can Lower its Bills Using Power Factor Correction

Identify Savings and Improve Efficiency by Measuring Your PF
CHESTERLAND OH—July 23, 2014

In electrical engineering, Power Factor (PF) is the ratio of real power to the apparent power flowing to the load from the source. From a business standpoint it’s important to understand how having a low Power Factor raises your plant or factory’s power bill. At CAS DataLoggers we present this article to help you identify this value and use corrective techniques to raise it for substantial savings and greater equipment efficiency. Read more in our latest Datalogging Tutorial page.

Is Your Office Being Overbilled for Energy?

Look at Your Energy Data and See for Yourself!
CHESTERLAND OH—April 30, 2014

In every industry, companies and businesses are looking for ways to save on energy costs, such as performing an energy audit or energy assessment. At CAS DataLoggers we provide offices and factories across America with energy monitoring solutions, and we’ve written this quick guide to examine several low-cost ways you can find these savings for your own facility. Most are easy to implement but you may surprise yourself with the results. Learn more about how to cut your energy bills on our Tutorials page.

New AC/DC Millivolt Data Logger with Current Clamp Input

New AC/DC Millivolt Data Logger

New AC/DC Millivolt Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers and Lascar are proud to introduce an affordable new AC and DC Millivolt Data Logger compatible with AC and DC current clamps. Featuring a current clamp input and 4mm banana plug inputs, these new USB dataloggers enable quick setup and data download. A very useful device for electrical engineers who want a standalone meter, this new device is now available for about $150. Read more on our new Product Announcement page.

Monitoring Air Compressor Runtime and Current

dataTaker monitors current and runtime

dataTaker monitors current and runtime

A company specializing in installing compressors contacted CAS DataLoggers looking for a small but powerful datalogger that field personnel could use to measure the runtime and current consumption on a wide range of their compressors. This system also needed to be user-friendly so that the company’s field engineer wouldn’t have to spend long hours learning how to program it. Read more on our Equipment Monitoring Applications Note page.

Single-Phase Energy Equipment Logger Kit from CAS DataLoggers

New AC Voltage and Current Appliance Data Logger
CHESTERLAND OH—February 26, 2013

Equipment Monitoring Data Logger Kit

Equipment Monitoring Data Logger Kit

At CAS DataLoggers, we often get calls from customers working with electrical equipment powering industrial and medical systems which often go down for unknown reasons. For these issues, we offer our Electrocorder Single-Phase Energy Data Logger Kit as a cost-effective troubleshooting solution. Recording both voltage and current, the kit includes the appliance data logger, carrying case, FREE analysis software, voltage leads and a USB lead. Read more on our new Product Announcement page.