Firmware Updates

DataTaker Releases New Firmware Upgrade

Ver. 9.18 Adds Important Bug Fixes

CHESTERLAND OH—September 8, 2015

CAS DataLoggers in partnership with dataTaker is pleased to announce the release of version 9.18 firmware for dataTaker DT8x models. Download the new update free from our website at Read more about dataTaker products on our News page.

New dataTaker Firmware Release v. 9.16 & dEX 1.6

CHESTERLAND OH—October 16, 2014

CAS DataLoggers and dataTaker are pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version 9.16 and dEX v. 1.60. This firmware upgrade will be officially released on 20th October 2014 and will be available for download on our website. The new 9.16 package supports Series 2 and Series 3 dataTaker DT8x Dataloggers and now for the first time can also accommodate older Series 1 DT8x loggers. Check out some of the new features in our latest Press Release.

Grant Releases SquirrelView Ver 3.9 Update for Windows 8 and 8.1

For SQ2010, SQ2020 and SQ2040 Squirrel Data Loggers
CHESTERLAND OH—June 12, 2014

Grant Instruments has released the new SquirrelView V3.9 and V5.1a firmware upgrade for the SQ2010, SQ2020 and SQ2040 Squirrel Data Loggers. SQ v 3.9 is updated for Windows 8.0 and 8.1. CAS DataLoggers offers this new update from our Grant Downloads page at Read more on our News Item page.

New Firmware Update for dataTaker Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers is offering a new firmware update for Series 2 and 3 dataTaker dataloggers including the versatile DT80 and DT85 automated data loggers. Version 9.14 has just been released for dataTaker DT80/DT81/DT82E/DT85 data loggers and adds several new features including a security login and multi-language support. The latest firmware version along with a download for USB Flash drives and the release notes are now available on our Download page at Read more on our News Item page.

CAS DataLoggers Upgrades its Accsense VersaLog Software

SiteView Version 2.2 Adds New Functionality and Faster Installation
CHESTERLAND OH—February 27, 2013

SiteView plotting and analysis software

SiteView plotting and analysis software

CAS DataLoggers
is pleased to announce a new upgrade to its SiteView datalogging software for Accsense VersaLog data loggers. SiteView 2.2 is the newest version supporting VersaLog series dataloggers. This latest upgrade resolves a few known bugs. As with the previous version, the logger USB driver is installed silently along with the installation of SiteView rather than via a series of separate wizard dialogs. This simplifies installation considerably. Read more on our General News page.

A Faster Way to Automatically Unload Data via FTP with DT8X DataLoggers

The Applications Specialists at CAS DataLoggers show you in this brief tutorial how to automatically unload data from dataloggers in the popular DT8X series by using FTP. This is done to allow these data loggers to periodically send your data automatically to a server without any user interaction required. Read more on our dataTaker Technical Articles page.

CAS DataLoggers Offers Latest Logger Firmware Upgrades Online

CAS DataLoggers and MadgeTech have just released several recent firmware upgrades which are now available for download from the manufacturer’s website. CAS DataLoggers always recommends upgrading to the latest available firmware version of all its data logger products, including models for recording temperature, voltage, pressure, and more. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Announces New T&D Firmware Update

T&D RTR-500GSM Wireless Base Station Now with Increased Compatibility
CHESTERLAND OH—March 6, 2012

CAS DataLoggers in partnership with bestselling manufacturer T&D is announcing the upcoming release of a new firmware update for the RTR-500GSM Wireless Data Logger Cellular Base Station later this month that adds compatibility with T&D’s RTR-505TC and RTR-505Pt temperature data loggers. This mobile base station utilizes a GSM cellular modem to send SMS messaging and warning report mails, guaranteeing that owners always stay on top of sudden changes in their critical measurement data. Read the entire article on our product announcement page.