CAS Dataloggers is Headed to Germany

Delphin Techology

This September, CAS DataLoggers is headed to Germany! Sales Mgr. Pete Martin and Engineering Mgr. Terry Nagy are headed to Cologne and Lorsch, visiting German manufacturers Delphin and Jager-ADwin respectively for training on upcoming data acquisition products. These advanced systems are ideal solutions for use in industrial measurement and control. Read more in our latest News Item.

CAS DataLoggers Website Features New Product Videos

Are you searching for a reliable device to record Temperature, Current/Voltage, or another type of data? At CAS DataLoggers, our custom solutions have the flexibility, communication options, and alarm capability your project needs.

Now you can visit our new Product Videos page to see a selection of brief videos which highlight the key functions and features of the most popular data loggers and data acquisition systems we offer.  Read more in our latest News Article.

How to Prevent IE8 Graphing Issues with Accsense Monitoring Systems

Graph Data in Real Time with Accsense Wireless Systems
CHESTERLAND OH—August 7, 2014

If you are experiencing graphing issues with Accsense Monitoring Systems using Internet Explorer 8 or above, we have a quick fix for you in this brief walkthrough. Whether you’re using our wired pods or wireless temperature data loggers, you can quickly resolve any graphing problems you may have. You’ll find this tip in our latest Accsense Tech Article.

Our dataTakers Can Last a Decade or More!

At CAS DataLoggers we snapped this picture of a customer’s 11-year old dataTaker data logger sent to us not for repair but just a simple calibration. That’s right, it’s still working perfectly and going strong! We supply the world-renowned dataTaker systems for customers who need a reliable way to monitor and alarm their processes and products. See what dataTaker can do for YOUR business! Read more on our Product Announcement page.

New Process Meter Puts Your Data Front and Center

Universal Indicator from Novus Automation

CHESTERLAND OH—January 30, 2014

CAS DataLoggers along with Novus Automation introduce the new N1540 Universal Indicator, a compact process meter with a bright display giving you an instant heads-up on your process data. The new industrial process meter connects with many different sensors to list several values and allows fast configuration through keypad or USB. Read more on our Product Announcement page.

Should You Be Worried About Power Company Fines?

CAS DataLoggers Provides Your Power Factoring Solution
CHESTERLAND OH—March 18, 2013

New Power Factor Data Logger

New Power Factor Data Logger

Power companies frequently conduct random audits to detect if customers’ power supplies are in a reactive state, which can destroy supply wiring and transformers and also puts a balanced load on the 3-phase incoming power. Now CAS DataLoggers and Electrocorder have your low-cost solution with our 3-Phase Voltage and Current Data Logger Kit so you can see whenever your incoming electric service is in a reactive state. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Debuts its Wireless Technology at AHR 2013

wireless_dataloggerWireless Solutions for Your HVACR Projects
CHESTERLAND OH—February 7, 2013

CAS DataLoggers is just back from the world’s largest HVACR event and marketplace. AHR 2013 was the expo’s largest South West show ever, with the latest energy-efficient products and sustainable technologies on display. Attendees stopped by the T&D booth looking for datalogging solutions to monitor and alarm a wide variety of values for their air conditioning, heating and refrigeration applications. Read more on our Events 2013 page.

5 Reasons to Follow CAS DataLoggers on Facebook

Need a temperature monitoring and alarming solution? Involved in manufacturing, life sciences, or cold chain supply? CAS DataLoggers has a great resource for you with our Facebook page which updates you on the newest monitoring products and trade events. Looking for the right datalogger for your project has never been easier, so be sure to Like us on FB to get the latest news. Read more on our General News Items page.

Effortless Process Monitoring…Inside a Brewing Plant

CAS DataLoggers services one of the world’s largest brewing companies. The plant’s profitable daily operations demand constant, organized tracking of vital parameters including energy usage, pressure and carbon dioxide levels in the tanks, as well as steam/fresh water flow volumes. The customer saw the need for a configurable real-time monitoring system complete with reporting capabilities. Continue reading CAS DataLogger solution recommendations presented to this brewing company…