Monitoring Wheel Temperature to Prevent Damage and Reduce Maintenance Costs

An Alaskan railroad company had been experiencing problems stemming from vibration
in the railroad car wheels. They were aware that when too much heat developed during braking, the wheels could seize and subsequently develop flat spots. Flat spots resulted in vibration; an undesirable condition leading to additional maintenance issues involving their railroad car wheels. The challenge for the staff was to determine how these excessive heat conditions developed as a result of braking over time and the duration of a trip.
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Delphin LogMessage Data Logging System

A Stand-Alone Solution Right on the Cutting Edge

The high-speed, advanced LogMessage stand-alone data logging system sets all new standards for data recording. To accommodate your needs, this device has been flexibly designed to record data across many different applications such as remote monitoring, product testing, quality and reliability testing, process monitoring, research and development, and fault analysis. Read more …

DRYING SILOS OF SEED CORN Temperature Recording & Monitoring Required


Producing quality seed corn takes much more than planting and harvesting. Agricultural producers understand how the time and temperature during the drying cycle of seed corn affects product quality and energy consumption. After analyzing a specific application, CAS Data Logger specialists recommended the Accsense Monitoring System which included the B1-06 Gateway and the A1-13 Sensor Pod for temperature monitoring and data recording.

 Consequences of insufficiently drying the seed include, molding of seed and wasted energy. Much of the cycle requires time-temperature graphs to optimize the drying operations. The Accsense Monitoring System allows data recording and alarming if the temperature falls below or exceeds the temperature limits required to produce a quality product.

Data logging and monitoring with the Accsense Monitoring System allows the customer to monitor multiple silos concurrently. It also allows drying operators the ability to access data from any web browser at any time eliminating undue stress. Because this operation is seasonal, the equipment has a longer life span as long as it is maintained in a protected environment against weather elements.

 For Data Acquisition & Control, Data Logging & Remote Monitoring Applications, contact a CAS Data Logger Solution Analyst for application specific solutions.

New Expert Key Data Acquisition System

CAS is pleased to introduce the new Expert Key Series 100 from Delphin Technology. The Expert Key is the latest generation system that incorporates powerful data acquisition hardware with software in a complete package. It enables data acquisition, test automation or experiment monitoring from a PC.

Delphin Expert Key 100L Data Acquisition System
Expert Key 100L

The Expert Key includes analog and digital inputs and outputs in a compact unit. It is available in two versions, the Model 100L, a portable desktop case, or the Model 100C in a panel mount enclosure. A USB Interface allows data to be captured on a local PC and a 100-BaseT Ethernet Interface allows for remote monitoring across a LAN.


New RTR-574 Wireless Temp/RH/Light/UV Data Logger

The new RTR-574 from TandD can simultaneously measure and record Illuminance, Ultraviolet Light Level (UV), Temperature and Humidity. In addition to these, the RTR-574 is also capable of displaying Cumulative Illuminance and Cumulative UV on the LCD display. The product is an all-in-one package that includes the data logger unit, sensors and software. A wireless interface allows data and alarms to be uploaded via any of the RTR-500 Series Data Collectors which are available in USB, Ethernet and GSM cellular models.


64 Channel Thermocouple Data Logger

Delphin 64KTM Thermocouple data logger

Delphin 64KTM

The Delphin 64KTM was developed to provide a multi-channel solution for temperature measurement using thermocouples. It provides 64 differential inputs with 110V isolation and galvanic separation prevent measurement errors from ground loops and a 24 bit sigma-delta A/D converter. The Cold Junction reference temperature is measured using a class A, 4-wire RTD enabling an absolute accuracy of 0.2°.

Typical users are R&D groups and laboratories who need to acquire highly precise temperature measurements. Traditional areas of use are test stations for gas turbines or boilers but the system is also suitable for temperature measurement in ovens, furnaces, heating chambers, temperature controlled enclosures and manufacturing or processing equipment.

The 64KTM is equipped with internal memory for up to 128 million data records. The memory’s independent data recording capability provides data security for long-term measurement runs. Individual channels can be set up with limit values enabling monitoring and alarm functions and calculations including moving averages. The basis version if the 64KTM is set up for 64 channel operation and the modular design enables several units to be connected so that several thousand channels can be processed.

Other features include:
• Industrial grade 19″ rack enclosure
• Support for E,J,K,L,N,S,R,T,U thermocouples
• 24 Bit measurement resolution
• 1 GB Internal memory
• Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus interfaces
• Up to 1 GB of local memory
• Expandable to >1000 channels

For more information, go to the 64KTM Product Page or call us at 1-800-956-4437. To find out about all of the data logging products we offer including models from more than a dozen manufacturers, visit our web site www.DataLoggerInc.com.

dEX – The Next Generation in Data Logging Software

We are pleased to announce the release of dEX for the dataTaker DT8x family of data loggers. dEX Is a complete web based software package for configuring, monitoring and retrieving data from these data logging systems. It relies on the internal web server of the data logger to eliminate the need to install any special software on a PC and instead utilize a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for all interaction with the logger. dEX Works equally well for loggers on the desktop connected with USB or in remote locations connected via Ethernet.

The new dEX user interface provides 3 main functions;

dEX Web based data logging software

dEX for the DT8X Family of data loggers

  1. Configure the data logger. This allows the user to define sampling schedules,measurement type and alarm settings. It also allows saving and restoring previously saved configuration either to the logger or the local computer.
  2. Monitor current readings and download data. The monitor function provides real-time displays of measured values in numeric and meter indicators and historical data in graphs. Functions are also available to monitor the logger status and interactively execute commands.
  3. Customize the user interface. Using this menu, the user can customize the look ofthe interface, enable or disable menus, configure security settings and add their own help screens.

The DT8x family of data loggers are among the most powerful data loggers available. All models include universal analog inputs which can measure thermocouples, RTD and thermistor temperature sensors, strain gauges as well as voltage, resistance and current from a wide variety of other sensors and transducers. They also offer digital inputs and outputs,

counters, SDI-12 and serial sensor interfaces. The DT8x data loggers can record up to 10 Million data points in internal memory. A convenient USB memory stick interface facilitates transfer of data and programs for units in the field where a computer is not available.

The DT8x family of data loggers includes 6 models:

  • DT80 – 5-15 analog inputs, serial, USB and Ethernet
  • DT80G – 5-15 analog inputs, support for vibrating wire strain gauges, serial, USB and Ethernet
  • DT81 – 1-3 analog inputs, USB, serial and Ethernet
  • DT82E – 2-6 analog inputs, serial and Ethernet, low power
  • DT85 – 16-48 analog inputs, serial, USB and Ethernet
  • DT80G – 16-48 analog inputs, support for vibrating wire strain gauges, serial, USB and Ethernet

These loggers are used in many different types of applications in manufacturing, R&D, remote site monitoring, testing and environmental monitoring to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, wind speed,  solar radiation and many other parameters. With support for vibrating wire strain gauges, the G models are well suited for civil engineering projects in monitoring tunnels, bridges, dams and other structures.

For more information visit the dataTaker Product Page on our web site or call us at 1-800-956-4437. We also offer data loggers from 1 to over 100 channels from more than a dozen manufactures. Find out more on our web site, CAS Dataloggers.

CAS Partners with Delphin Technologies for Message Data Loggers

Delphin TechologyWe are very pleased to announce that Computer Aided Solutions (CAS) has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Delphin Technology for the North American market. The Delphin product range includes the Message Data Loggers and ProfiSignal software for industrial and laboratory applications. Delphin Technology, founded in 1980, is a German based, family owned company that develops data logging systems for demanding applications from factory data acquisition to automated test benches or vibration monitoring on gas and hydro turbines.

Delphin TopMessage Data Logger

TopMessage Data Logger

The Message devices from Delphin are very versatile data loggers, serving a wide range of different applications. The flexible, modular design of the system can easily be expanded over time as application requirements increase. The master unit with two I/O modules can be extended via CANBus with up to 10 Slave devices each with two I/O modules allowing a maximum of 1,000 channels. There are 9 different I/O modules including analog input modules with integrated signal conditioning for thermocouples, RTD sensors, mV, mA, analog output modules and digital I/O modules. A built-in Ethernet Interface makes it very easy to integrate the Message devices into an existing company network and to allow data access from various PCs. Two additional serial ports allow Message systems to be easily integrated to other third parties devices.

The Message loggers are supplied with the ProfiSignal software. This is a SCADA system for industrial applications, monitoring, quality assurance, test bench automation, lifecycle testing, vibration monitoring and analysis. The software enables usersem to create their own automated test stand applications. It includes a development environment which allows the user to pick commands from a list box. For evaluation purposes, Yt, XY, orbit, FFT and logic analysis diagrams are provided. The reporting module provides a variety of customizable report with trends, graphs and displays can be created to meet high documentation standards for quality assurance proposed and R&D requirements. For creating automated applications for test stands and automation, the ProfiSignal Klicks software provides an effective solution for the visualization and user-friendly managent of testing procedures.

For more information, visit the Delphin Product Page or call us at 1-800-956-4437. For more information on all of the data logging products we offer including a data logger for just about every application, visit the CAS Dataloggers Web Site.

Updated Data Logging Resource CD

2010 CAS Dataloggers Resource CD

2010 Datalogging Resource CD

The updated CAS 2010 Data Logging Resource CD contains a wealth of

information on selecting and using data loggers including:

  • White papers on selecting a data logger and sensors for common measurements including temperature, voltage and current.
  • A introduction data logging seminar power point presentation.
  • Applications notes covering some of the typical uses of data loggers.
  • Video tutorials on configuring and using dataTaker data loggers
  • Data sheets on Accsense wireless data loggers, Acumen serial data loggers, Brainchild paperless chart recorders, dataTaker universal inputdata loggers, Grant Instruments portable data loggers, Ibexis telemetry systems andTandD data loggers.

To get yours, go to the CD Request Page or call us at 1-800-956-4437. To view all of the data logging products we offer go to the CAS Dataloggers Web Site.