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Trade-in and Save with dataTaker!

Upgrade to a new dataTaker DT8x Series 3 Logger and Save!

CHESTERLAND, OH—January 14, 2016

DataTaker and CAS DataLoggers are pleased to offer substantial savings from our standard price. Trade-in to a new dataTaker Series 3 logger by taking advantage of this offer to upgrade! Call CAS DataLoggers at (800) 956-4437 and save!

How to Parse Data out of a Serial Data String Using a dataTaker

Intelligent dataTaker Data Logger for Batch Processes

CHESTERLAND OH—March 12, 2015

At CAS we often take calls from plant technicians who want to log load cell data from serial scales. This is common in batch processes where users want to weigh each component added to a mixing tank. For these applications, dataTaker dataloggers can be used to parse data out of a serial data string. Learn more about this intelligent capability in our newest dataTaker Technical Article.

Which is Cheaper: Investment or Process Delays?

Is your plant or factory relying on legacy systems and other aging infrastructure? Rather than wait for legacy control systems to fail and cause process delays, replace them with dataTaker Intelligent Dataloggers to automatically monitor your product or process. Learn more about these innovative solutions on our new Product Announcement page.

Time to Set Your Budget: Make Room for Automation!

Intelligent Data Loggers Can Save Your Business Time and Money
CHESTERLAND OH—July 15, 2014

For many companies summer is the time to seriously look at automating data collection and control for their critical processes and electrical equipment. For example the rugged dataTaker data loggers can automatically send out alarms and control your process. If you’ve been managing without measuring, give us a call at CAS DataLoggers today! Read more on our latest Product Announcement page.

We Supply Custom Modbus Data Logging Systems

CAS DataLoggers Offers Simple and Robust Monitoring Solutions
CHESTERLAND OH—July 14, 2014

Can’t find a data logging system that meets your I/O requirements? Do you need a distributed system to monitor multiple points spread across a factory floor or several buildings? At CAS DataLoggers we can custom-configure a monitoring system for your application using Modbus-based devices. Just give us a call at 1-800-956-4437 and we can help you select the best datalogger for your project. Read more about these flexible and robust data logging systems on our new Press Release page.

Data: You Get What You Pay For!

Go with dataTaker for a Real Value
CHESTERLAND OH—June 23, 2014

You may have decided to buy a datalogger to optimize your process and save on costs and time, but you’ll find that the data you’ll get using a lot of low-cost models is inaccurate and hard to work with—you get what you pay for! Make sure you get accurate data in real time with an Intelligent Data Logger from dataTaker. We at CAS DataLoggers know these products and we’ll make sure you get up and running with your project ASAP. Read more on our new Product Announcement page.

Monitoring Engines & Emissions in New York Harbor

DataTaker Solution Helps Keep the Waterway Open for Business

In March of 2011 CAS DataLoggers provided the DataTaker diesel engine monitoring solution for R.A. Mitchell Co. Inc, an emergency generator and marine services dealer with a customer operating one of these dredge barges. R.A. Mitchell’s customer needed “a bulletproof way to get the data,” specifying that they wanted all the engine data in one format so workers would only have to use a single procedure for all their different types of equipment. Read more on our newest Equipment Monitoring Applications Note page.

Lascar Unveils New ‘FilesThruTheAir’ Cloud Service

View Your Data in Real Time from Anywhere in the World!

CHESTERLAND OH—March 3, 2014

CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that as of Monday March 3, Lascar Electronics has gone live with its new FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud Storage service. This innovative service takes Lascar’s WiFi sensors to a new level, unlocking them from the PC and allowing them to be managed and remotely monitored over the internet from any location in the world.This FREE service is a great way for your business or organization to view real-time data on the Cloud at a price point anyone can afford. Read more in our newest Press Release.

Are you Paying Too Much for a Data Logger?

CAS DataLoggers Has the Expertise

CAS DataLoggers Has the Expertise

Are you new to buying a data logger? When you give a call to a distributor, an initial low price may convince you that you’ve found a great deal, and maybe you have. However, many suppliers will then add on all the extra modules and software that you need to actually start your project! Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, call CAS DataLoggers instead! Learn more on our Product Announcements page.

Don’t Wait for Your Systems to Fail—Replace Them First!

Series 3 dataTaker Data Loggers

Series 3 dataTaker Data Loggers

As your plant’s PLCs and SCADA legacy systems develop issues over months and years of use, they gradually lose support from manufacturers and become irreparable—and that’s bad news for your production and for the safety of your machinery. CAS DataLoggers has the automated solution–instead of scrambling for replacement parts and waiting for repairs, use our Intelligent dataTaker Data Loggers to monitor and control your process! Read more on our Product Announcement page.