New Thermocouple Data Logger with Display

We’ve just added a new thermocouple data logger with a built-in LCD display. Check out the new TCTemp2000 from MadgeTech. It provides a single input channel for most common thermocouple types along with an ambient temperature sensor. It can record up to 131,000 points for each channel in non-volatile memory. The LCD display provides real-time display for both temperatures along with statistics including min, max and average temperatures. It can operate off of an internal 9V battery for up to a year or from an external AC adapter.

Expanded Temperature Data Logger Selection

We have expanded our selection of Temperature Data Loggers and offer the BEST selection of products available anywhere. Additions include the new EL-USB-2-LCD from Lascar and the HiTemp150 from MadgeTech. Check out the Temperature Data Logger Selection Page for an overview of all of the produts we offer. This page also offers a brief overview of sensors for temperature measurements to help you decide which type of sensor might be most suitable for your application.

New Oven Temperature Data Loggers

We have added 2 more products to our Oven Temperature Profiling Systems Page. These systems include temperature data loggers and thermal barriers that are designed to be passed through conveyor or batch furnaces. They can measure the temperature profile of items as they pass through the oven to determine how fast they heat/cool or how uniform the temperature is across the part. They are useful for electric, gas and radiant ovens.

The MadgeTech ThermoVault is an inexpensive single channel temperature measurement system for smaller applications. The MadgeTech QuadThermoVault is a larger 4 channel system that is suited for larger ovens or parts that require multiple measurement points.

For paint curing applications, the Grant OMK610 provides a complete solution including data logger, thermal barrier, probes and paint cure analysis software.