New Alternative Energy Data Loggers

We have just updated our web site with a new page dedicated to data loggers for alternative energy applications. We offer a number of loggers that can be used to monitor wind turbines, photovoltaic arrays and geothermal energy applications. They can be used to monitor:

  • Environmental conditions – Wind speed and direction, solar radiation intensity, temperature, humidity
  • Generator or PV output – Voltage, current
  • Inverter parameters
  • Physical parameters – speed, torque, force, strain, pressure

We also offer systems design services and can help you specify the sensors and transducers in addition to the data logger.

New Current/Voltage Data Loggers

The Amper family of data loggers from Automation Solutions provide a simple way to collect current or voltage data in remote locations. Measurements are recorded on a PC compatible SD/MMC memory card for easy transfer to a computer for analysis and archiving. The data loggers are powered by a replaceable lithium battery that provides up to 8 years of operation!

There are 3 models in the Amper product family the Amper, milliAmper and microAmper.

Data collected by the Amper is recorded on the removable memory card in a CSV file that can be imported into Excel or most other applications. The Amper data loggers are provided with a simple configuration program to set-up the logging interval and scaling parameters. An analysis utility is also supplied for graphing and analysis.

To find out more go to the Amper Product Page. on our web site,

New RS-232 Serial Data Logger

The New Acumen SDR2-CF provides a convenient way to capture serial data from devices including sensors, scales, GPS systems and other types of electronic equipment with standard RS-232 outputs. The captured data is recorded on a PC compatible, removable CompactFlashâ„¢ card for easy retrieval and analysis. Other features include:

  • Supports communication rates from 50 to 912,600 baud
  • Low power – 250 mw in standby
  • FAT32 File support for up to 64 GB of storage
  • Separate data and control ports
  • Easy set-up and configuration
  • Output predefined strings to trigger readings
  • Supports capture to multiple time stamped files
  • Compact rugged enclosure

New Thermocouple Data Logger with Display

We’ve just added a new thermocouple data logger with a built-in LCD display. Check out the new TCTemp2000 from MadgeTech. It provides a single input channel for most common thermocouple types along with an ambient temperature sensor. It can record up to 131,000 points for each channel in non-volatile memory. The LCD display provides real-time display for both temperatures along with statistics including min, max and average temperatures. It can operate off of an internal 9V battery for up to a year or from an external AC adapter.

Expanded Temperature Data Logger Selection

We have expanded our selection of Temperature Data Loggers and offer the BEST selection of products available anywhere. Additions include the new EL-USB-2-LCD from Lascar and the HiTemp150 from MadgeTech. Check out the Temperature Data Logger Selection Page for an overview of all of the produts we offer. This page also offers a brief overview of sensors for temperature measurements to help you decide which type of sensor might be most suitable for your application.