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Price Increase Announced For dataTaker Data Logger Products

Increase Effective July 1st
CHESTERLAND OH – July 5, 2011

Popular manufacturer dataTaker is announcing a price increase for most of their products, effective as of July 1st, 2011. The cost of most dataTaker data loggers is rising about 5%, with the increase varying across the product line. The manufacturer cites fluctuations in the exchange rate as prompting this industry-wide move. In response to the news, CAS DataLoggers is offering their current inventory of dataTaker products at the earlier prices to bargain-hunters. Continue reading…

Product Comparison: Delphin Expert Key and National Instruments NI-USB-6363

Customers are often faced with a bewildering array of options when trying to choose the most suitable data acquisition system for their specific application. Following is a brief comparison of specifications and capabilities between the Delphin Expert Key 100C and 100L USB/Ethernet, the latest generation of data acquisition equipment from Delphin Industries, and the NI-USB-6363, a multifunction data acquisition device in the X-series from National Instruments. Learn More…

CAS DataLoggers Announces Upcoming Environmental Conference

USGS National Water Data Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, June 6th-9th

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce it will be attending the upcoming 2011 USGS National Water Data Conference held at the Pittsburgh Radisson Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA on June 6 -9, 2011. The conference, sponsored by the Committee for Hydrologic Instrumentation and Data (Eastern Region), will feature several technical sessions as well as exhibits from vendors supplying the environmental and water quality fields. Continue Reading…


New Wireless Thermo Recorder Makes Temperature & Humidity Management Easy

CAS DataLoggers and T&D are proud to jointly announce the release of the new Wireless Thermo Recorder “log-EZ” as an effective low-cost solution for temperature and humidity management. The “log-EZ” is designed as a user-friendly Thermo Recorder to easily measure and record ambient temperature and humidity within ranges of 0° to 50° Celsius (32° to 122° Fahrenheit) and 15% to 90% RH respectively. The logger features a clear display of its current readings and can also use a PC to show a continually changing graph and the day’s high and low readings.

CAS DataLoggers Commences Expansion at its Chesterland Facilities

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that it has just begun an expansion of its Chesterland, Ohio headquarters. Work is expected to be completed by the end of the month. The completed renovation will feature a sales floor space double the current size, a larger service and repair area, conference and training facilities with additional space to accommodate an increased inventory. Plans are also underway to add up to 6 additional Application Specialists to better serve the growing customer base. Two major factors contributing to this growth include CAS’s recent partnerships with Escort Data Loggers and Delphin Technologies. Continued…

Oil Company Uses SAGD for Heavy Oil Recovery

An oil company which regularly drills into reserves containing heavy crude oil required an advanced data logging system to monitor their operation. This crude is commonly harvested by drilling a horizontal well into the deposit and injecting steam into it to heat the bitumen and allow it to flow more smoothly. A second horizontal well is then drilled directly below the original to collect the oil and pump it to the surface, an involved process known as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD). These wells are connected by long pipelines to the refinery itself for processing. Optimizing harvest efficiency is critical given the sheer volume of oil pumped from these reservoirs, requiring a powerful data logging solution to monitor the oil well temperatures. This is needed for both efficiency and safety reasons – any increase in temperature could cause a blowout, while sudden decreases often lead to wasteful pumping inefficiencies. Modem connectivity is therefore a must for connecting these loggers to a central computer for ease of reference. Continue reading …

CAS Announces Exhibit at Upcoming Technology Conference

OTC 2011 Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Center in Houston, Texas, May 1-5, 2011

The OTC is the world’s premier trade show for the oil and natural gas industries focused on developing offshore resources in the drilling, production and environmental protection fields. The conference attracts over 65,000 attendees annually, with over 2,000 exhibiting companies from 110 countries. Learn more …

Recording the Temperature of Railroad Car Wheels in Motion

Data Logging Railroad Car Wheel Temperatures

We recently received a request from a railroad company to find a way to record the temperature of railroad car wheels while the train was in motion. They had been experiencing a number of wheel and bearing failures which they believed were temperature related and they wanted to collect data while the train was in operation to help isolate the root cause. Read more about how we developed a custom solution using a dataTaker data logger in this new application note:  Railroad Preventative Maintenance.

Intelligent DT82I Industrial Data Logger

Intelligent DT82I Industrial Data LoggerThe Smarter Solution

The dataTaker DT82I intelligent industrial data logger provides an extensive array of features that allow it to be used across a wide variety of applications such as Equipment Monitoring Research and Development, Vehicle Testing, Fault Identification, Energy Monitoring, and Process Monitoring. The DT82I is a robust, stand alone, low power data logger featuring USB memory stick support, 18 bit resolution, extensive communications capabilities and built-in display. (more…)