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Simple Logger II AL834 with Bluetooth Adapter
CHESTERLAND OH – July 20, 2011

CAS DataLoggers has partnered with AEMC Instruments to announce the new Simple Logger II Model AL834, a 4-channel AC current data logger with 4 integral AmpFlex flexible current probes and integrated Wireless Bluetooth communication for monitoring and configuration. Continue…

New DC High Voltage Data Logger

L481 DC high voltage data logger

L481 DC High Voltage Data Loggers

We are pleased to introduce the new Simple Logger® II model L481 DC Voltage Data Logger. It provides an extended voltage measurement range of ±850 VDC with a resolution of 0.1V making is suitable for applications such as monitoring rail voltages, machines, windmills, power supplies and battery packs and for finding intermittent voltage problems.

The L481 can be programmed to sample from 8 times per second to once a day. It can store up to 240,000 measurements in internal non-volatile memory and offers 3 recording modes including Extended Recording Mode (XRM®) for long term data collection. The L481 is battery powered and can operate up to 45 days on 2x AA cells. A simple LED display on the front of the logger provides an immediate indication of logging status and memory usage. Voltage inputs are via standard recessed banana jacks and a set of 5 foot cables with alligator clips are included with the logger.

For set-up and download of data, the L481 logger has a USB 2.0 interface for connection to a standard Windows PC. The free DataView® software included with the unit provides a very simple way to configure the logger, view real-time data, download and plot stored data and generate standard or custom reports. It also allows the measured data to be scaled to custom engineering units and can synchronize multiple loggers to record at the same time.

For more information on the L481 Voltage Data Logger, visit the AEMC Product Page or call us at 800 956-4437. To view a complete selection of data logger for all types of applications, visit our web site, www.DataLoggerInc.com.