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AEMC Introduces New Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Monitor and Record CO2, Temperature and Humidity

CHESTERLAND, OH—January 26, 2016

Indoor air quality has become a significant public health concern in recent years. The AEMC Model C.A 1510 helps address this concern by monitoring Temperature, Humidity, and Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the local environment. CAS DataLoggers offers these products with free tech support–call us today at (800) 956-4437! Learn more about these versatile products on our new Air Quality Monitor page.

AEMC’s PowerPad III Wins Product of the Year!

Power Quality Analyzer Measures AC and DC
CHESTERLAND OH—February 11, 2015

We’re proud to announce that the popular AEMC PowerPad® III Model 8333 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer  has just been named a 2014 Product of the Year Winner by Utility Products Magazine! With the PowerPad III users can record, analyze, and print their data. Read more about these award-winning products on our Latest News page.

New and Improved Power & Energy Loggers from AEMC

AEMC’s PEL 100 Series Records Locally or Anywhere in the World!

CHESTERLAND OH—January 29, 2015

AEMC and CAS DataLoggers are pleased to announce several upgrades to the popular PEL 100 series Power & Energy loggers. The AEMC PEL 102 (without display) & PEL 103 (with backlit digital display) are low cost single-, dual-, (split-phase) and three-phase (Y, ) power and energy dataloggers. These products are easy to use and ideal for electricians, engineers and contractors. Read more on our latest News Page.

Free Android App Available for AEMC Data Loggers

CHESTERLAND OH—October 21, 2014

We’re pleased to announce that AEMC has just released a FREE Android app for PEL 100 series Power and Energy Data loggers. The new app gives users a way to communicate from Droid devices to AEMC loggers with BlueTooth. Download the app from the Google Apps Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aemc.pel.

NEW Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer Travels Anywhere

Need to troubleshoot machinery or power distribution panels? CAS DataLoggers and AEMC introduce the new PowerPad® III Model 8333, an easy-to-use, compact and shock-resistant three-phase power quality analyzer. These new data loggers enable diagnostics and power quality work on single- or three-phase networks. Read more on our new Product Announcement page.

New Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer from AEMC

CAS DataLoggers and AEMC have partnered to announce an all-new version of the Power Pad–the 8336 Power Pad III. This new power quality analyzer enables technicians and engineers to measure and carry out diagnostics and power quality work on one-, two- or three- phase networks. Read more on our latest Product Announcement page.

CAS DataLoggers Offers New Single Phase Power Quality Analyzer

For many companies, winter is an ideal time to troubleshoot individual machinery and in-plant power distribution panels. Now CAS DataLoggers has partnered with AEMC to offer the new PowerPad Jr. 8230 Single Phase Power Quality Analyzer, ideal for technicians and engineers to measure and carry out diagnostic work and power quality analysis work on single- or three-phase balanced load networks. These new power loggers are complete with FREE software and are now available as an all-in-one solution for your critical power analysis and electrical equipment maintenance. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Introduces New Non-Contact Phase Rotation Meter

AEMC Model 6610 Phase/Motor Rotation Tester
CHESTERLAND OH—April 30, 2012

AEMC Non-Contact Phase Rotation Meter Model 6610CAS DataLoggers has teamed with high-quality data logging manufacturer AEMC to announce the new Non-Contact Phase Rotation Meter Model 6610, an essential tool for any installation, inspection and maintenance facility. The Model 6610 is a non-contact (containing no metal contact points) phase meter designed to identify phase rotation on 3-phase systems and identify live and open/de-energized phases. Read more on our product announcement page.