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Convert Data Files Easily with dataTaker’s Dump_DBD Utility

When working with dataTaker’s DT8x line of intelligent data logging products, many users can both save time and increase the accessibility of their data with a simple file conversion now offered on the manufacturer’s website. All dataTaker DT8x data loggers create local data files either internally or when copying to a USB stick with the ‘.dbd’ extension. The files use a proprietary binary format to maximize the amount of data that can be stored for a given memory size. Often it’s desirable to convert the files over to the more common ‘.csv’ (Comma Separated Value) extension so they may be easily accessible in Excel, Access, and many other common programs allowing manipulation of the data in a more user friendly format. This utility works for all of the dataTaker DT8x data logger series, including the DT80, DT85, DT80G, DT85G, DT82E, DT82EM, and DT82I. Learn more….

CAS / Grant Instruments Announces New SquirrelView Software Upgrade

All Grant Squirrel data loggers are supplied free with SquirrelView, a universal software package now upgraded to add even more general selection and logger support features. Its intuitive, user friendly spreadsheet-style interface allows quick setup of the data logger for any application, speedy data downloads, and direct export to Excel spreadsheets or as a CSV file for customizable data analysis. The flexibility of the data presentation provides quick display and analysis of real-time or historical data in the form of a line graph, bar chart or analogue gauge. SquirrelView Plus is also available as an add-on option for full analysis and reporting facilities and is included with the SquirrelView software as a free 30-day trial, enabling graphical analysis of historical and online data. Continue Reading…

Delphin LogMessage Data Logging System

A Stand-Alone Solution Right on the Cutting Edge

The high-speed, advanced LogMessage stand-alone data logging system sets all new standards for data recording. To accommodate your needs, this device has been flexibly designed to record data across many different applications such as remote monitoring, product testing, quality and reliability testing, process monitoring, research and development, and fault analysis. Read more …