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Out of the Box Vehicle Data Loggers Capture CAN Signals

Rebel Dataloggers–Just Connect, Configure and Go!

CHESTERLAND, OH—January 6, 2016

Do you need to record CANbus data? The new Rebel Compact (CT) vehicle datalogger from Influx Technology offers a complete data logging solution for vehicle network and sensor data. CAS DataLoggers supplies these solutions–visit our website at www.dataloggerinc.com. Learn more details about these innovative vehicle recorders on our new CANbus Logger page.

Affordable Vehicle GPS and GPRS Recording From CAS DataLoggers

New Rebel Lite Provides Affordable Vehicle Data Logging

Affordable Vehicle Data Recording

Affordable Vehicle Data Recording

CAS DataLoggers
and Influx announce the new Rebel Lite, a high-speed datalogger which collects a wide range of signals including OBD, CAN, analog and GPS (optional). The Rebel Lite offers flexible vehicle recording along with FREE configuration and analysis software supporting industry standard protocols. Now users can be logging data in just minutes. Read more on our Product Announcements page.