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GRANT OMK-610 OVEN LOGGER KIT – Temperature Profiling Systems Designed for Surface Coating Applications

CAS DataLoggers and Grant Instruments have announced the release of the Through Process Monitoring Logger, a compact, battery-operated, 6-channel temperature data logger designed specifically for through process and surface coating applications. This comprehensive oven temperature profiling system ensures consistent product quality and reduced operating costs, with the ability for sample rates of up to 8 samples/second and a USB interface to communicate with a PC for setup and download of stored data. Continue here for further information …

Grant OQ610-S Concrete Maturity Logger Solution

CAS DataLoggers, in partnership with Grant Instruments, has introduced the OQ610-S Concrete Maturity Logger, a unit designed specifically for measuring concrete maturity in large concrete construction projects. The Grant OQ610-S Concrete Maturity Logger is a compact, rugged unit suitable for all concrete applications requiring accuracy and precision in determining concrete maturity. For further information regarding this product please check us out at Grant OQ610-S Concrete Maturity Logger Solution