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Accsense Electrocorder Offers Discount on Energy Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers is offering a 15% discount on select models in its line of Accsense Electrocorder dataloggers! These electrical data loggers monitor power/energy, current/voltage, power factor and more. Our Application Engineers are available with more details at 800-956-4437.  Read more in our latest News Item.

Record Current and Voltage with Accsense Electrocorder

Do you need a device to record current and voltage data for machine monitoring, circuitry test, battery charging/discharging, or another application? CAS DataLoggers offers the affordable Accsense Electrocorder DC-3VA Voltage and Current Data Logger Kit. Read more in our latest Product Announcement.


Connecting Omega Sensors to an Accsense A1-10 Pod

Measuring Temperature and Humidity with a Wireless System

CHESTERLAND OH—June 19, 2015

Many of our callers need to monitor temperature and humidity using an Accsense A1-10 Wireless Current data logger. These products are popular for their ease of installation and use. In our latest Technical Article, we outline how to connect an Omega temperature and humidity sensor to an Accsense A1-10 pod. Read more on our Accsense Tech Articles page.

New Video Tutorials for Electrocorder Data Loggers are Online

Electrocorder DataloggerElectrical contractors, energy audit consultants, facilities managers and industrial and power distribution companies all require an inexpensive solution for their energy and power metering needs. Now exciting electronics manufacturer Electrocorder has produced a collection of video tutorials showing users how to quickly get started using their line of current and voltage data logger products. The videos cover common topics including connecting the data logger to a PC, basic operation, configuration and setup, data recovery, recording voltage, energy and pump activity, and more. Read the entire article on our general news page.


Simple Logger II AL834 with Bluetooth Adapter
CHESTERLAND OH – July 20, 2011

CAS DataLoggers has partnered with AEMC Instruments to announce the new Simple Logger II Model AL834, a 4-channel AC current data logger with 4 integral AmpFlex flexible current probes and integrated Wireless Bluetooth communication for monitoring and configuration. Continue…

MONITORING THE CONSTRUCTION OF A DAM Using Instrumentation to Monitor Structural Stability

Critical environmental elements and structural variables determine the long term strength and stability of a dam under construction. CAS DataLoggers was presented with the challenge of determining the appropriate equipment to provide the construction engineers in a dam development project. Learn more about the solution provided here.

Process Current Data Loggers for 4-20 mA Signals

CAS Dataloggers has a great selection of equipment data loggers to monitor and record 4-20 mA process current signals provided by many common types of sensors and transducers. Data from current loops, widely used in applications where long cable runs and noise are concerns, can easily be captured for record keeping, alarming or diagnostics.

milliamper data logger for 4-20 mA signals

Milliamper Data Logger

With a wide selection, we can provide the exact product to fit your needs depending on the number of channels required, sample rate, data storage required and other requirements of the application. A sampling of our products includes:

  • MilliAmper – Single channel, battery powered for remote applications with a removable memory card
  • Accsense A1-10 Pod – Wireless monitoring with automatic upload and a web interface
  • Grant Squirrel SQ20xx – Portable battery operated loggers ideal for temporary collection and trouble shooting
  • Datataker DT8x – Rugged, industrial data loggers with flexible inputs, alarms and triggering
  • Delphin – High speed data loggers for capturing transient events.

For more information, visit our DC Current Data Logger Page or call us at 800 956-4437 to discuss your needs with one of our sales engineers. We can also help you find sensors for pressure, flow, temperature or other parameters to go along with the data logger. Visit our web site CAS Dataloggers for a complete selection of data logging and recording equipment