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CAS DataLoggers Upgrades its Accsense VersaLog Software

SiteView Version 2.2 Adds New Functionality and Faster Installation
CHESTERLAND OH—February 27, 2013

SiteView plotting and analysis software

SiteView plotting and analysis software

CAS DataLoggers
is pleased to announce a new upgrade to its SiteView datalogging software for Accsense VersaLog data loggers. SiteView 2.2 is the newest version supporting VersaLog series dataloggers. This latest upgrade resolves a few known bugs. As with the previous version, the logger USB driver is installed silently along with the installation of SiteView rather than via a series of separate wizard dialogs. This simplifies installation considerably. Read more on our General News page.

Single-Phase Energy Equipment Logger Kit from CAS DataLoggers

New AC Voltage and Current Appliance Data Logger
CHESTERLAND OH—February 26, 2013

Equipment Monitoring Data Logger Kit

Equipment Monitoring Data Logger Kit

At CAS DataLoggers, we often get calls from customers working with electrical equipment powering industrial and medical systems which often go down for unknown reasons. For these issues, we offer our Electrocorder Single-Phase Energy Data Logger Kit as a cost-effective troubleshooting solution. Recording both voltage and current, the kit includes the appliance data logger, carrying case, FREE analysis software, voltage leads and a USB lead. Read more on our new Product Announcement page.

CAS DataLoggers Posts New Videos to its Website

Electrocorder current/voltage/power data loggers

Electrocorder current/voltage/power data loggers

CHESTERLAND OH—January 17, 2013
CAS DataLoggers has just posted new Electrocorder setup videos on our website at www.dataloggerinc.com detailing basic operation and software overview for many of our voltage, current and power data loggers. We’ve also added screenshots so you can see examples of the software included free with Electrocorder loggers. We stock many models to suit a wide variety of data logging applications and project needs. Read more on our Electrocorder Technical Articles page.

Low-Cost Battery Testing Solution From CAS DataLoggers

As winter approaches, companies are performing electrical equipment maintenance including battery testing for their heavy machinery, electric forklifts and other systems. Much of the current is devoted to running large engines, leaving this equipment starved for power. Now CAS DataLoggers supplies the low-cost solution with the new Two Channel DC Voltage and Current Data Logger, recording DC voltage and DC current (avg, max and min) at high accuracy. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

4 Quick Steps to Install your Electrocorder Data Logger from the Web

CAS DataLoggers offers the popular Electrocorder data logger kits for common and specialty applications such as energy usage/power factoring, machine monitoring, solar/alternative energy research and more. Now our Applications Specialists have put together this brief guide to show you how to get your project started quickly by installing your Electrocorder data logger directly from the Web. Read more on our Electrocorder Technical Articles page.

CAS Introduces New 4-Channel AC Current Logger

AEMC Simple Logger II Model L104 With Bluetooth Capability

CHESTERLAND OH—October 24, 2011

CAS DataLoggers in partnership with AEMC Instruments is proud to announce the new AEMC Simple Logger II Model L104 4-Channel AC Current logger featuring Bluetooth capability. This standalone compact data logging system performs a variety of recording tasks with easy and intuitive setup from a computer using the included DataView software. Applications for the new datalogger include single-phase or poly-phase load monitoring, neutral and ground current monitoring, harmonic current monitoring using the software, intermittent problem detection and current load monitoring. This new device offers twice the channels of the popular L102 model and stores 4 times as many measurements. As always, AEMC dataloggers are in line with the latest international standards for quality and safety, and the Simple Logger family of loggers provides easy to use, cost effective solutions to monitoring AC or DC voltage and current for equipment and power quality monitoring.

Featuring four input channels directly measured using selectable AEMC current probes with full scale ranges from 5A to 1200A available depending on probe selection, the Simple Logger II Model L104 also has multiple user programmable recording modes: Start/Stop, FIFO, Extended Recording Mode (XRM) and Alarm Recording. Harmonic measurements are calculated from 64 samples taken on each AC cycle measured and are available in real-time from the Simple Logger II Control Panel in the included software. The logger stores 1 million measurements and is capable of up to 200 days of operation from standard alkaline batteries. TRMS calculations are performed on a single line cycle, and the datalogger stores TRMS measurements at user programmable rates from eight times per second to once per day.

Additionally, the Simple Logger II Model L104 features wireless Bluetooth data communication. Bluetooth provides for real-time measurement viewing, device configuration, and transfer of data from internal memory to the computer for monitoring, storing and/or analysis without the need for a connecting cable.

The new model also includes FREE user-friendly DataView data analysis and reporting software for data storage, display waveforms, trend graphs, harmonics (AC models) and text summaries, analysis and report generation. The convenient DataView software package configures all of the logger’s functions, displays real-time results on a PC and downloads and analyzes stored data. Users can configure all data logger functions and parameters from a PC including sample rate, recording length, channel configuration and more. DataView also enables users to create and store a complete library of configurations, custom-design views and reports, and to print reports using standard or customied templates.

Additional AC voltage and current data loggers can be found here.

For further information on the new AEMC Simple Logger II L104 AC current data logger, other AEMC current dataloggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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