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Flexible Measurement System for Test & Lab Applications

The new Expert Logger 400 from Delphin combines the latest communication capability with advanced measurement technology. Designed to fulfil many applications including data logging, product test, lab data acquisition, process monitoring and more, this compact system offers simple operation. Read about the Expert Logger 400 here.

CAS Dataloggers is Back from Germany!

CAS DataLoggers Sales Mgr. Pete Martin and Engineering Mgr. Terry Nagy are back from a day of training in Delphin Technology HQ in Koln, Germany. This latest training focused on the new Delphin Expert Logger 400 which offers users all the measurement and flexible communications features of a next-generation data logger. In Germany Delphin also provided training in their OPC-UA Client and Server software and in SDI-12 sensor support in the Expert Logger. Read about the new Expert Logger here.

7 Ways Signal Noise Can Impact Your Electrical Equipment

Increase Your Data Accuracy and Reduce Download Times

Increase Your Data Accuracy and Reduce Download Times

Have you been having problems with your electrical equipment but haven’t found the cause? For many users it turns out to be a very common, widespread problem called ground loop feedback. This wiring issue accounts for a large share of all power quality problems with A/V devices and other electronic equipment. The Applications Specialists at CAS DataLoggers have put together a short list of typical interference problems. Are you experiencing any of these issues? Read more on our General Tech Articles page.

New Novus FieldLogger Firmware and Software Released

Novus FieldLogger

CAS DataLoggers along with Novus are pleased to announce that the new Novus FieldLogger firmware (version 1.42) and configuration software (version 1.51) releases are now available for download! Old FieldLoggers can also be updated. With the speed and flexibility to handle analog and digital signals at high resolution and sample rate, the Novus FieldLogger is a cost-effective device for customers’ data acquisition and temperature monitoring needs. Read more on our Product Announcement page.

CAS DataLoggers Homepage Adds New Products and Resources

At CAS DataLoggers, we have the ideal monitoring solution for recording temperature, humidity, current/voltage, or just about any value. Learn about the benefits and specifications of our data loggers and real time data acquisition systems. Record your data at high accuracy and store it on large internal memory, setup alarms with email, text and phone alerts, and send data wirelessly for remote viewing. CAS DataLoggers is ready to meet any need for our datalogging solutions, data acquisition devices and specialized software. Read more on our General News page.

CAS DataLoggers Chooses iPad2 Giveaway Winner

Winner of Our Latest Datalogging Survey Announced
CHESTERLAND OH—September 20, 2012

CAS DataLoggers has just given out a FREE 16GB Wi-Fi iPad prize as part of its datalogging survey identifying customers’ needs and projects. The lucky winner was randomly chosen and the iPad ships this week. Take advantage of our other upcoming events and get the latest datalogging industry news by Liking CAS DataLoggers on Facebook. Read more on our News Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Announce New DT82EM #Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers has partnered with leading data logger manufacturer, dataTaker, to announce the DT82EM Intelligent Environmental Data Logger with built-in 2G/3G modem. The DT82EM is a robust, stand-alone, ultra low-power data logger featuring universal inputs, USB memory stick support, 18-bit resolution and a built-in display. Continue reading …

Price Increase Announced For dataTaker Data Logger Products

Increase Effective July 1st
CHESTERLAND OH – July 5, 2011

Popular manufacturer dataTaker is announcing a price increase for most of their products, effective as of July 1st, 2011. The cost of most dataTaker data loggers is rising about 5%, with the increase varying across the product line. The manufacturer cites fluctuations in the exchange rate as prompting this industry-wide move. In response to the news, CAS DataLoggers is offering their current inventory of dataTaker products at the earlier prices to bargain-hunters. Continue reading…

Convert Data Files Easily with dataTaker’s Dump_DBD Utility

When working with dataTaker’s DT8x line of intelligent data logging products, many users can both save time and increase the accessibility of their data with a simple file conversion now offered on the manufacturer’s website. All dataTaker DT8x data loggers create local data files either internally or when copying to a USB stick with the ‘.dbd’ extension. The files use a proprietary binary format to maximize the amount of data that can be stored for a given memory size. Often it’s desirable to convert the files over to the more common ‘.csv’ (Comma Separated Value) extension so they may be easily accessible in Excel, Access, and many other common programs allowing manipulation of the data in a more user friendly format. This utility works for all of the dataTaker DT8x data logger series, including the DT80, DT85, DT80G, DT85G, DT82E, DT82EM, and DT82I. Learn more….

Product Comparison: Delphin Expert Key and National Instruments NI-USB-6363

Customers are often faced with a bewildering array of options when trying to choose the most suitable data acquisition system for their specific application. Following is a brief comparison of specifications and capabilities between the Delphin Expert Key 100C and 100L USB/Ethernet, the latest generation of data acquisition equipment from Delphin Industries, and the NI-USB-6363, a multifunction data acquisition device in the X-series from National Instruments. Learn More…