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Email and SMS Directly From Your Datalogger!

Datataker DT80 for Flexible Monitoring

CHESTERLAND OH—June 30, 2015

Do you need to monitor product temperature, equipment runtime, or your industrial process? No matter what you need to record, you can rely on the flexible dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger as a single solution. CAS DataLoggers is the master distributor for all dataTaker products–read more on our Product Announcement page.

Which is Cheaper: Investment or Process Delays?

Is your plant or factory relying on legacy systems and other aging infrastructure? Rather than wait for legacy control systems to fail and cause process delays, replace them with dataTaker Intelligent Dataloggers to automatically monitor your product or process. Learn more about these innovative solutions on our new Product Announcement page.

Monitoring Meteorological Data Using a dataTaker

CAS DataLoggers has provided the dataTaker DT85 monitoring system for a construction company which required an onsite weather station for their study of weather damage upon building materials such as roofing tile. The company requested a single device to connect with many different types of environmental sensors. Read more in our latest Environmental Monitoring Apps Note.

Automatically Send Data to an Access Database Using a dataTaker

How to Enable This Feature in DeLogger Software
CHESTERLAND OH—July 24, 2014

DeLoad is a simple and compact software designed to integrate the operation of a dataTaker data logger onto your PC’s desktop. DeLoad uses the Windows Task Scheduler utility to automatically unload the dataTaker’s data. At CAS DataLoggers we’ve put together this quick walkthrough to show you how to setup automatic data downloads to an Access database. Read more about this convenient feature on our dataTaker Tech Articles page.

Recording Closed-Loop Control System Cycles for HVAC Savings

Identify Opportunities to Save Energy with a Data Logger
CHESTERLAND OH—April 9, 2014

As an example of the savings data loggers can identify, CAS DataLoggers recently supplied an Accsense Electrocorder data logger to monitor a customer’s thermostatically oil-fired central heating system for their office building over a period of 6 months. Check out the surprising results on our Equipment Monitoring Apps Notes page.

CAS DataLoggers Hires New Applications Specialist

Bill Hoon Joins Our Expanding Sales Team
CHESTERLAND OH—March 31, 2014

CAS DataLoggers is proud to welcome Bill Hoon as our newest Applications Specialist. Bill is already contributing his extensive sales experience to our team, offering customers data loggers from bestselling manufacturers including dataTaker, Accsense, Grant, and many more. Read more on our News Item page.

New Firmware Update for dataTaker Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers is offering a new firmware update for Series 2 and 3 dataTaker dataloggers including the versatile DT80 and DT85 automated data loggers. Version 9.14 has just been released for dataTaker DT80/DT81/DT82E/DT85 data loggers and adds several new features including a security login and multi-language support. The latest firmware version along with a download for USB Flash drives and the release notes are now available on our Download page at http://www.dataloggerinc.com/downloads/datataker.php. Read more on our News Item page.

CAS DataLoggers and T&D Are Presenting at AHR 2013 Expo

AHR 2013 ExpoCAS DataLoggers along with high-quality manufacturer T&D is proud to announce they are attending the 65th Annual 2013 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Exposition. Fast-track your HVAC&R business by reducing labor costs and replacing your time-intensive need for manual recording. Read more on our Events page.

We Dare You to Break Our DataTakers!

Across many industries, businesses are replacing their increasingly vulnerable legacy systems. CAS DataLoggers offers the new Series 3 dataTaker Intelligent Data Loggers boasting a rugged design and solid construction. Designed to meet the needs of almost any monitoring application and focusing on versatility across many different signal types including temperature and humidity, dataTaker data loggers are built to last even in the face of extreme environments. Read more on our Product Announcement page.

A Single Solution for Engine RPM Measurement

Engine manufacturers and designers need to measure engine RPM at high accuracy for quality control and regulatory compliance, and now CAS DataLoggers has the automated monitoring solution with the new Series 3 dataTaker Industrial Data Loggers along with the CANgate Canbus to Serial Converter. The industrial data logger connects to most types of commercially-available transducers to monitor engines for RPM, temperature, pressure, and more. Our dataTaker dataloggers are built with a rugged construction for years of operation and are now offered at a cost-effective price. Read more on our Product Announcements page.