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HVAC Monitoring Saves Costs for a School Building

This summer, CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the wireless monitoring solution for a middle school maintenance supervisor who needed to view energy usage on the building’s HVAC system before winter arrived. The school needed a lightweight yet affordable wireless datalogging system that could connect to most available power meters to measure the system’s pulse output. Early on in the selection process, the supervisor realized that he was also going to need some technical support to get his project up and running ASAP. Read more on our Energy Monitoring Applications Note page.

CAS DataLoggers to Introduce New Power and Energy Logger

CAS DataLoggers announces the new PEL 102, a cost-effective one, two and three phase power/energy data logger. This product is ideal for power factoring, energy audits, and machine maintenance. For clear data organization and presentation, reports can be generated with only minimal configuration time and effort. CAS DataLoggers expects to have these loggers in inventory shortly and offers them with free tech support. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

CAS DataLoggers Hires Full-Time Web Administrator

CAS DataLoggers has recently a full-time web administrator to help customers find the best solution for their data recording applications. Sue has worked in the information technology field since 1995, with extensive experience in web administration and online course development for online universities. Read more on our general news page.

The Basics of Signal Attenuation

Maximize Signal Range and Wireless Monitoring Capability
CHESTERLAND OH—July 12, 2012

Wireless monitoringAttenuation is a reduction of signal strength during transmission, such as when sending data collected through automated monitoring. Attenuation is represented in decibels (dB), which is ten times the logarithm of the signal power at a particular input divided by the signal power at an output of a specified medium. Read more on our White Papers page.

New iPhone Application Introduced for dataTaker Data Loggers

DT-Remote iPhone applicationCAS DataLoggers is announcing big news for dataTaker users: a convenient 3rd-party application called DT-Remote now allows iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android OS-based device users to view their real-time data collected from remote dataTaker systems. With no Flash requirements needed, DT-Remote is the missing link between your dataTaker datalogger and any of these mobile devices. With constant, real-time access, you can keep an eye on your important data. Read more on our Product Announcements page.

Pressure Monitoring of Reactor Bundles in a Refinery

Intelligent Data Logging Systems from dataTaker
CHESTERLAND OH—June 12, 2012

dataTaker-DT80-2 Data LoggerLately CAS DataLoggers provided the datalogging equipment to an oil refinery conducting a demanding field logging test application. The refinery used large catalytic reaction tubes for processing: each tube in turn contained hundreds of smaller tubes. These reactor bundles flowed liquid through one end of the reaction tube and crude oil through the other end. The tubes had to be periodically inspected for leaks, so workers inserted fitted plugs equipped with pressure sensors, and the tubes were then air-pressurized. When the pressure in the tubes stabilized after a few minutes, technicians had to work quickly to identify any leaks in the roughly one thousand tubes inside each reactor bundle, and on average it might take personnel a minute or two to test each one. Read more on our Oil&Gas Applications Notes page.

Enabling Multiple Serial Ports on dataTaker Data Loggers

Versatile Automated Solutions for Serial Logging Applications

dataTaker Data LoggersCAS DataLoggers often provides technical support to customers working with dataTaker data loggers featuring 1 or 2 serial ports and who want to add more ports in certain applications such as monitoring GPS weatherstations and barometers. These users want to record data from all their sensors by using the datalogger to send a command to read a given sensor and get the data back, repeating this for each sensor. CAS DataLoggers engineers offer customers a few different methods to enable a dataTaker to read multiple serial devices. These options will work for every dataTaker datalogger except the DT82E environmental model, which does not feature a serial sensor port. Read more on our dataTaker technical articles page.

New 4-Channel AC Current Recorder From CAS DataLoggers

AEMC Simple Logger II Model L104

AEMC Simple Logger II Model L104CAS DataLoggers has partnered with trusted manufacturer AEMC Instruments to release the Simple Logger® II, Model L104, a 4-channel AC current recording device powered by alkaline batteries. Full scale ranges from 5A to 1200A are dependent on probe selection; compatible current probes include models MN93-BK, MN193-BK or SR193-BK (sold separately). Harmonic measurements are calculated from 64 samples taken on each AC cycle measured and are available in real-time using the included DataView® software which allows users to perform a variety of recording tasks with easy and intuitive setup from a computer. These dataloggers see everyday use in common applications including single/split phase and 3-phase machine load monitoring, load profiling, harmonic current monitoring, neutral and ground current monitoring, intermittent problem detection and fault current detection. Read more on our product announcement page.

CAS DataLoggers Introduces New Non-Contact Phase Rotation Meter

AEMC Model 6610 Phase/Motor Rotation Tester
CHESTERLAND OH—April 30, 2012

AEMC Non-Contact Phase Rotation Meter Model 6610CAS DataLoggers has teamed with high-quality data logging manufacturer AEMC to announce the new Non-Contact Phase Rotation Meter Model 6610, an essential tool for any installation, inspection and maintenance facility. The Model 6610 is a non-contact (containing no metal contact points) phase meter designed to identify phase rotation on 3-phase systems and identify live and open/de-energized phases. Read more on our product announcement page.

Monitoring Water Quality Runoff From a Coalmine

Intelligent Monitoring Solutions from dataTaker
CHESTERLAND OH—March 26, 2012

CAS DataLoggers provided the intelligent datalogging solution for an open-cut coalmine managing a high salinity water runoff into local retaining dams. The water from these dams could only be released into the local river system when it was of sufficient quality to have no effect on the irrigation of the surrounding farming district. Therefore it was necessary to closely monitor the quality of water in the retaining dam across several key parameters including pH. Read the entire article on our applications note page.