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CAS DataLoggers Announce New DT82EM #Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers has partnered with leading data logger manufacturer, dataTaker, to announce the DT82EM Intelligent Environmental Data Logger with built-in 2G/3G modem. The DT82EM is a robust, stand-alone, ultra low-power data logger featuring universal inputs, USB memory stick support, 18-bit resolution and a built-in display. Continue reading …

Price Increase Announced For dataTaker Data Logger Products

Increase Effective July 1st
CHESTERLAND OH – July 5, 2011

Popular manufacturer dataTaker is announcing a price increase for most of their products, effective as of July 1st, 2011. The cost of most dataTaker data loggers is rising about 5%, with the increase varying across the product line. The manufacturer cites fluctuations in the exchange rate as prompting this industry-wide move. In response to the news, CAS DataLoggers is offering their current inventory of dataTaker products at the earlier prices to bargain-hunters. Continue reading…

Oil Company Uses SAGD for Heavy Oil Recovery

An oil company which regularly drills into reserves containing heavy crude oil required an advanced data logging system to monitor their operation. This crude is commonly harvested by drilling a horizontal well into the deposit and injecting steam into it to heat the bitumen and allow it to flow more smoothly. A second horizontal well is then drilled directly below the original to collect the oil and pump it to the surface, an involved process known as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD). These wells are connected by long pipelines to the refinery itself for processing. Optimizing harvest efficiency is critical given the sheer volume of oil pumped from these reservoirs, requiring a powerful data logging solution to monitor the oil well temperatures. This is needed for both efficiency and safety reasons – any increase in temperature could cause a blowout, while sudden decreases often lead to wasteful pumping inefficiencies. Modem connectivity is therefore a must for connecting these loggers to a central computer for ease of reference. Continue reading …

Monitoring Two Plants with Simultaneous Data Sharing

CAS DataLoggers make recommendation to circuit board manufacturer to monitor two plants simultaneously to provide more accurate and real-time data between plants decreasing excessive employee costs along with inaccurate data creating bottlenecks in process flow. Continue reading …

CAS Announces Exhibit at Upcoming Technology Conference

OTC 2011 Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Center in Houston, Texas, May 1-5, 2011

The OTC is the world’s premier trade show for the oil and natural gas industries focused on developing offshore resources in the drilling, production and environmental protection fields. The conference attracts over 65,000 attendees annually, with over 2,000 exhibiting companies from 110 countries. Learn more …


dataTaker Data Loggers Help Keep the Harbor Open
Constant monitoring of large engines to assess CO2 and other emissions is essential to maintaining the ongoing process of the dredging operation as well as avoiding potential fines for compliance violations of the sea going freight that enters the US that comes through the port of New York. CAS DataLoggers has applied their solution ananlyst’s attention in this area to assist in meeting regulations. For further details on solutions applied, continue here…

MONITORING THE CONSTRUCTION OF A DAM Using Instrumentation to Monitor Structural Stability

Critical environmental elements and structural variables determine the long term strength and stability of a dam under construction. CAS DataLoggers was presented with the challenge of determining the appropriate equipment to provide the construction engineers in a dam development project. Learn more about the solution provided here.

Recording the Temperature of Railroad Car Wheels in Motion

Data Logging Railroad Car Wheel Temperatures

We recently received a request from a railroad company to find a way to record the temperature of railroad car wheels while the train was in motion. They had been experiencing a number of wheel and bearing failures which they believed were temperature related and they wanted to collect data while the train was in operation to help isolate the root cause. Read more about how we developed a custom solution using a dataTaker data logger in this new application note:  Railroad Preventative Maintenance.

EPA COMPLIANCE REQUIRED: Monitoring Diesel Generator Emissions

Diesel generators are utilized as backup power for a large book retailer in their warehouse. The retailer must assure the generators are constantly operational. They must also maintain data for the EPA to document that the exhaust temperature is in compliance with emission regulations.

EPA regulations state that the exhaust must meet and not exceed a specified level of pollutants during operations while maintaining a pre-determined temperature range. If all EPA requirements are not adhered to properly, the retailer could be penalized with heavy fines. In addition, the diesel engines could be subject to serious damage. (more…)

HELPING KEEP PET FOOD SAFE…Data Logging & Monitoring for Safety

Ensuring pet food production meets FDA requirements, manufacturers must monitor the temperature of their extruding equipment to document the food is properly processed and safe.

A CAS Data Logger customer held to these requirements also wanted to monitor the data from multiple sites from a single, corporate location. dataTaker DT80 units were selected for the solution. Each DT80 could monitor up to 4 extruders. (more…)