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Improving Early Warning Systems for Predicting Cyclones

CAS DataLoggers provides the dataTaker intelligent solution

CAS DataLoggers provides the dataTaker intelligent solution

Comprehensive Weather Monitoring Using a dataTaker DT80
CHESTERLAND OH—January 30, 2013

The extensive mining and port facilities situated in remote tropical northwest Australia means that it is essential that the most accurate weather data indicating cyclone formations is available to these vulnerable businesses. Recently the management of a shipping company wanted their own environmental monitoring device to achieve this. The company requested a single solution which could connect with several weather station sensor types and log nearly real-time data for periodic monitoring while sending its readings to a remote office location. Read more on our Environmental Monitoring Applications Notes page.

Water Quality Monitoring and Testing Using an Environmental Logger

Water disruptions typically occur after a large amount of water has rapidly collected in a catchment area. As a result this water is subject to continual monitoring and testing for factors including clarity, rate of movement, and water levels for environmental management. CAS DataLoggers recently helped a customer with this application to find the most cost-effective logger and connect to all the different sensor types. Read more on our Environmental Applications Notes page.