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Borehole Monitoring in an Observation Well

Isodaq RTU Automatically Transmits Data to PC via GSM/GPRS

CHESTERLAND, OH—September 14, 2015

CAS DataLoggers has provided the datalogging solution for a municipal authority collecting hydrologic data from an observation well. The facility’s technician wanted a hydrometric remote telemetry unit which could connect to his SDI-12 output flow meter and water level sensors. Read more about his use of the Isodaq Frog RX RTU in our latest Hydrologic Applications Note.

Rebel xt Data Logger for Vehicle Diagnostic Applications

Log CAN and GPS data right out of the box!

Log CAN and GPS data right out of the box!

CAS DataLoggers has teamed up with Influx Technology to introduce the new Rebel xt Vehicle Data Logger which captures OBD, CAN, analog and GPS signals. With remote data accessibility, the Rebel xt is the ideal solution for CAN bus data recording in vehicle data acquisition applications, developing alternative fuel sources including electric and hybrid transmission, fleet management and more. Read more on our Product Announcement page.