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LogMessage Series for Stand-Alone Monitoring

Single System Measures Nearly Any Sensor Type!

CHESTERLAND, OH—April 27, 2016

Delphin’s LogMessage hardware series offers data loggers for virtually any area of application. These devices are capable of acquiring practically any type of sensor signal such as Voltages, Currents, Temperatures, Pressures or Levels. Read more about the flexible LogMessage series on today’s Press Release page.

Remote UMTS Access Enables Remote Monitoring for Water Treatment Plant

A leading manufacturer of water treatment equipment for treating cooling water, boiler water, process water and pure water uses their equipment to process water treatment that is often installed in trailers or in containers and is then rented out for temporary water treatment assignments. For these non-stationary applications, the customer requires an advanced data logging system equipped with remote access to read both live data and stored data. The customer’s objective here is to gain convenient, permanent access to the remote treatment system and to closely monitor the equipment’s performance. Additionally, as a form of insurance while renting out equipment, the customer needs to receive instant alarm notifications whenever system performance is degrading. Continue…

Delphin LogMessage Data Logging System

A Stand-Alone Solution Right on the Cutting Edge

The high-speed, advanced LogMessage stand-alone data logging system sets all new standards for data recording. To accommodate your needs, this device has been flexibly designed to record data across many different applications such as remote monitoring, product testing, quality and reliability testing, process monitoring, research and development, and fault analysis. Read more …

Advance Stand-Alone Data Logging System

LogMessage Data Logger

LogMessage Data Logger

We are pleased to introduce the LogMessage, an advanced stand-alone data logging system suitable for remote equipment monitoring, product testing, quality and reliability testing, process monitoring, research and development and fault analysis. The LogMessage is available in 7 different configurations with up to 30 analog inputs and a sampling rate up to 1200 Hz. It provides a complete, cost effective, easy to use solution for data collection, control and alarming in a single compact stand-alone package. (more…)