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M2M Water Tank & Pump Remote Control

Internet-Enabled Remote Data Acquisition

CHESTERLAND, OH—November 2, 2015

In many water systems there are water tanks that act as pressure boosters. Remote dataloggers with automatic communications between tanks and pump houses are necessary to ensure an unmanned system that operates 24/7. Read about these modem dataloggers in our M2M Remote Monitoring Apps Note.

Managing Remote Water Pumps Using a Modem Data Logger

Intelligent dataTaker Solution Logs Every Environmental Value
CHESTERLAND OH—April 21, 2014

An automatic water pumping station contacted CAS DataLoggers requiring a modem datalogger for its remotely-located automatic pumps. Previously the station had used paper chart recorders to log various properties such as flow and pressure, but this required too much manual effort to maintain. In the event of operational failure, the station also wanted to send SMS text warnings to maintenance personnel’s mobile phones so that pump failures or sensor malfunctions can be addressed as soon as possible. Check out how the dataTaker DT80M modem data logger automated this application on our Water & Wastewater Apps Notes page.

Updating Modem Module Firmware on DT8xM Model Data Loggers

Featuring Integrated Cellular Modems For Remote Applications
CHESTERLAND OH—February 22, 2012

The bestselling dataTaker DT8xM intelligent data loggers offer users all the capabilities of the popular DT8xM models while adding a built-in cellular modem to suit a wide range of remote monitoring applications. Entirely eliminating the need to travel out to the logger and manually retrieve recordings, the DT8xM’s automatic data delivery features let users schedule their data to be automatically emailed to an inbox every day, week, month or other time interval. This brief tutorial takes you through the process of updating the modem module’s firmware. Read the entire article on our technical article page.

New Remote Monitoring Solution from CAS DataLoggers

The New dataTaker DT85GM with Built-In Cellular Modem
CHESTERLAND OH—January 31, 2012

CAS DataLoggers has partnered with popular manufacturer dataTaker to announce the newest cost-effective solution for remote monitoring applications in the geotechnical and construction industries. The DT85GM Intelligent Vibrating Wire Data Logger is a low-power solution offering users all the same functionality as the bestselling DT85G datalogger but adds a built-in cellular modem for remote monitoring applications, networkability, and automated data transfer. Read the entire article on our product announcement page.